Friday, June 19, 2009


I used to do this little feature regularly.

Brian was wondering when I was going to do it again?

He's been gone all week and Father's Day is coming up.
But that's not why I'm doing it and that's not what I want to talk about.

Last Saturday, we got up and made our usual secret run for donuts/breakfast.

It's secret because we sneak out of the house, just the two of us and go somewhere fun.
Well, I think it's fun because food is involved.

But then we came home to THE YARD!!!!


I turn in to a petulant three year old on Saturdays.
I am worse than any of my kids.

I am the reason I don't have girls.
Our family can only have ONE of me.

Almost every Saturday, we work in the yard OR clean out the garage.
Now to be fair, it's not EVERY Saturday.
And let's be honest, it's not ALL day.

It just seems like it.

But everyone is busy all week and I don't know when else we would get al this stuff done.
We have a big yard and besides mowing and trimming the lawn, there are always projects like cutting down dead trees, planting new trees, replacing mulch, trimming bushes, etc.

Part of my problem is that I HATE to sweat! And I HATE to get dirty!!!

Last Saturday, I was traipsing around the yard pulling big weeds and spraying little weeds.

The problem is that I never wear appropriate footwear.
But I look cute!

I was climbing in, on and around rocks in cute, little, non-flexible, sequinned sandals.
I ripped half my baby toe off on the end of a sprinkle line.

No one was around to witness it, but it was dramatic. First I hopped around saying, "Ooohhh, Oooohhhh," then I got a Barbie bandaid.
Then I spent the rest of my time in the yard cursing the yard, telling everything in the yard that I hated it, and generally murmuring <- 3 year old!!!!

Brian knows I hate working (in the yard). He could sense my general in true love fashion, he looked for ways to ease my burden!

He knows me well!
He asked, "What would make today a fun day?"
"Nothing!" I pouted and stamped my foot.

He pointed out jobs that were in the shade.
He pretended not to notice when I disappeared inside for long periods of time.

Then he suggested that when we were through, he would come along and help me on a few errands I had to do.
And he bought me a SUPER SIZE Coke at McDonalds <- nothing better!

Then he suggested that we take the boys and try the new restaurant that I have been wanting to try. And he figured out how to make it all work, which wasn't easy because we needed to attend two wedding receptions that were at the exact same time but 45 minutes apart.

He is awesome at problem solving!!!
He really isn't trying to torture me with the Saturday work thing.
He goes out of his way to make it rewarding, with food of course.
He puts up with all that whining and stomping.
He gives me the easy jobs or the "fun" jobs.

Yea Brian!

I'm going to keep him............until tomorrow........which is SATURDAY!


Missty said...

LOL. I love it. I don't do yard work very well either. So, my rule has been I don't do trash or yards.... works for me. lol And Matt and I both know I have to be the only female in this house, no way could we have two of me! lol

And I LOVE that picture of you two!! Very cute!!

Enjoy your weekend with your wonderful husband!

valerie said...

Love your picture! Too Cute! I agree. Yard work is no fun! Extra brownie points to hubby for trying to make your day easier.

Ashli Dardenne said...

I love the Barbie Band-Aid. Just in case you wanted to know, they also have Transformers and Batman Band-Aids too.