Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday

EVERY day is full of random thoughts for me.
But I'm playing along with bloggingmama/ who didn't invent the game but introduced me to the game. She got it from theunmom Keely/.

Today IS a random day though.
I’m doing a little visiting teaching.
I’m making something (I don’t know what) for a bridal shower tonight.
Garrett’s working, Parker’s going to lacrosse camp.
I’m writing my weekly email to Trammell.
So see, today is filled with random activities.

And now, on to random thoughts!

*I want people to update their blogs more frequently. I mean, some people write a few times a week. I like that. I like everyday better. But I want to be entertained. Does that sound stalkerish? How often is too often for me to check your blog?
*When Trammell first landed in Cambodia, his companion emailed his mother and had her email me. I loved it. It was another connection to Trammell. They aren’t companions anymore, but we still keep in contact.
Trammell got a new companion, fresh off the plane 2 weeks ago. He emailed me with his comp’s mother’s email and asked me to email her and tell her how much he loved her son and how much he had learned from him already. I did. She didn’t write back. Hmmm….what do you think? Once again, was that too stalkerish? It was only one email. I didn’t friend request her on Facebook or anything.
*When will summer start? My definition goes beyond good weather. Summer= long days of nothingness….no plans. You wake up in the cool morning, do a few chores and then pack a lunch and head to the pool for the majority of the day. Then you come home, shower and prepare a simple dinner on the grill. When is that going to happen?
*I am sending a package to Tram today. It’s kind of a “Congrats on reaching the one year point of your mission” but not really. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it because he doesn’t like big deals – thus the reason he gave away his birthday cake, hats and candles that I sent. I’m sending new white shirts, a tie, candy, updated pics of the family, koolaid (he asked for that) and his favorite – a bag of cotton candy.

*I need a vacation from my thoughts.
Well there you have it. RANDOM!


Guymons said...

I like that you update your blog almost daily....my life and kids aren't as exciting as your, though, and so my blog isn't as good.

I have a sorta funny "stalkerish" type of story for you. I did a blog search for "SVU" (Melanee's college) and found a lady whose son signed a letter of intent to play football there. I wrote a comment on her blog all about me and Melanee and told her to write back and I could tell her some of my experiences as a SVU parent of an athlete....she never responded.

valerie said...

lol Love your random thoughts. I like it when people update thier blogs everyday too but I am not so good at it myself. I'll work on that for ya! Your definition of summer sounds just like mine!

Amy Pickledpigsfeet said...

I'm sorry that I don't update my blog often enough for you! I did learn how to update via email though so I can start to do that more maybe if the baby gives me enough time to type some things up.

Missty said...

Love your Random-ness. And I think I am a bit stalker-ish! lol

I am ready for summer as well! 2 more days of school! And I am waiting for the sun... its cold today, maybe 69 or 70. It should be 80 something. I am cooking soup!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Yes, you are my third convert tot eh dark side of Random Tuesday. Wonder if Keely will give me a commission?? Hmm...

Stalk oh yes I stalk blogs. hence why moving will crush me when I have to go possibly weeks with no bloggy interaction.

I think it's great how you have so many connections to your son. It's nice. I don't know how else to explain it but it's one of those warm feeling kinds of nice you know?