Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is what would happen if I Twittered.
It's a cross between Julia Child and Twitter actually.

We're having Kielbasa with Yellow & Red Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms on Pasta

Oooo saurekraut suddenly sounds really good

Nope, none in the pantry.....we only have it like three times a year

Where is all the butter? I brought a pound of butter up from the freezer Sunday.

Hey, there's 16 pounds of butter in the freezer, should I buy more?

Hmmm...would one little Dove Bar ice cream thing wreck my appetite?

I'm starving!

I'm glad my kids aren't picky eaters.

Saute the onions in olive oil.

Chop the rest of the veggies and kielbasa.

You can put ANYTHING in here.

Start the water boiling.

Add the Kielbasa to the pan with the onions.

Boil, water, boil.

I'm an impatient cook!

I think I'll add fresh tomatoes tonight.
Garrett doesn't like fresh tomatoes - like in a salad but he'll eat them in this dish even though they've been cooked 1 minute. Weirdo!

All I've had to eat today is a maple cake donut.

Oh.........and an avocado....a whole avocado with salsa.........and chips.

Throw the pasta in the boiling water...we're having 1/2 a box of large farfalle and 1/2 box of smal farfalle....cuz I want to use up the open box

Now I have a "new" open box

Add sliced yellow and red peppers in with onion and kielbasa.

Pasta takes so long to cook at high altitude.
Once again, I'm impatient.

Add mushrooms

Set table

Slice bread

Hmmm....add more mushrooms. I could eat a whole pan of sauteed mushrooms and onions

Add chopped tomatoes

It stinks that the sun never came out and I didn't get to go to the pool.

I hate when you cook and your hair smells like whatever you were cooking the rest of the night.

I'm starving....they will never miss a couple of onions and mushrooms

and a couple of pieces of kielbasa

Is there really no saurekraut in the pantry?

I'm buying some for next time

I hate it when people pick at the food while they are cooking - unless it is me, of course.

Dinner's ready


Melissa said...

The pasta may take longer to cook, but it's balanced out by the fact that your water will boil much faster at high altitudes than at sea level. I found that out while living in California. It took FOREVER for water to boil!

H.K. said...

This is one of the most entertaining "recipes" I've read in a long time!

valerie said...

Yum! I agree I hate the smell of food that clings to your clothes and hair. Like bacon. Yuck.