Friday, June 12, 2009


Here’s the scoop.
Each MONDAY, I would like to DISCUSS <- that means I need some participation here, a parenting topic.
I don’t simply want to post my long winded opinion.
I want yours!
I want to talk about different topics and discuss what works and what hasn’t.
So, I hope you will play along and join in the discussions with your own personal experiences, opinions and questions.
Here’s how it will work (in a perfect world).
I’ll post the PaReNTiNG PaRTY topic on Friday.
Ruminate about it throughout the weekend.
Compose your thoughts and join in on the party on Monday!!!!!
You can post your thoughts as a comment or you can email me a lengthier post and I will be HAPPY to post it. The more the merrier!
I can’t wait to hear what YOU have to say!
SO......This week: ROWDY vs. REVERENT
How do you think children (of all ages) should behave in church? (And it doesn't JUST have to be about church - concert, play, recital, etc)
What is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable according to age?
What are your expectations?
How do you communicate those expectations?
What are the consequences?
I can’t wait to hear your opinions!


valerie said...

Great idea! Sounds fun. I'm in!

H.K. said...

I love this idea! I'll come back this weekend to answer, if you post something in the meantime, I'll send you an email with my answers! Great questions!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Oh, I like this idea. If I can remember count me in!

KelliSue Kolz said...

I like your idea. However, I'm a little irked at my mother, who keeps correcting my children's reverence (she's the Primary President and they are the whole primary).

They're very reverent, but also 3, 7, 9, and 11(2 of them).

Which means that sometimes, they bounce in their seats. With the diagnosis of ADHD for the bouncer, I think bouncing quietly is the best she can do.

So I'll read your blog and hopefully be over my snit about unrealistic expectations and why it is that everybody else thinks my children are so well behaved and reverent and my own mother keeps correcting them further.

I think I need to put some thyroid medicine in a cupcake for Grandma.

Shirley said...

To KelliSue: I remember teaching a class of six wiggly children in Primary one year. At first I thought they were horrible. After 6 or 8 weeks, we had a review lesson and I realized these kids remembered just about everything I said. Later I found out that four of them had ADHD. I stopped worrying so much about the wiggles and grew to love teaching my six little sponges. (But being in Primary is a little different than what should be expected during Sacrament meeting when children are sitting with parents. Children should have the chance to move a little bit.)