Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's Random Thought Tuesday with Unmom/ Keely. I've always wanted to play along, but my random thoughts usually come on other days.

* I'm always (Okay, almost always) hungry. Once, I thought I had worms. I won't gross you out with that story. But I totally understand teeneagers who open the refrigerator, hang on the door, proclaim that their is nothing to eat, go to the pantry and do the same thing and then return to the refrigerator. As if something magically appeared in the last 30 seconds.

* Someone knows that I LOVE cupcakes! They brought these over last night.

It used to say "THANK YOU" but now it only says "Than Yo" cuz I shared with Garrett and Parker. Guess what I had for breakfast?

*There are some things (well, a lot of things) I just don't get. If you are against killing people, what makes you get a weapon and gun someone down?

*The two swimsuits I ordered arrived. Yea!!! I'm keeping one for sure. The other one was only available in XS and when I called the store, the 17 year-old talked me into it. Hmmm.......

* I wish school was over..........a month ago. The end of this week is finals. And it's finals for Margaret and I too! We serve our last Teacher Appreciation meal to 300 on Thursday.

Well, that's it - kind of random!


Missty said...

Way cute suits! I need a new one.

And yummy cupcakes!

valerie said...

The swimsuits are super cute! It is true! Trenton was doing that exact same thing to our fridge and cupboards last night! lol