Friday, June 19, 2009



Are you winning the battle but losing the war?
We won’t really know until it is all said and done.

Monday’s PaReNTiNG PaRTY will be a discussion about the battles we pick and the battles we just let go.
Think about your own parenting.

What do you find yourself arguing over or battling over with your children whether they be young or teenagers?
Food? Bedtime? Makeup? Clothes? Cleaning the bedroom?

What is important to you?
What lessons are you trying to teach?

What things are you willing to just let go?

Think about it this weekend.
Come back Monday and comment,
or email me and you can be our guest poster!!!!

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Shirley said...

When my kids were growing up, several things were set in stone - Church attendance, manners, doing their best in school, bedtime : )

Doors are put on bedrooms so mothers don't have to look at messes.

I did not run a restaurant. Everyone ate what was on the menu for the night - except for tomatoes. My husband wouldn't eat them so it was hard to make the kids. Once a year, they had to try them. Now everyone eats them, even my husband.

Biggest problem with clothes was getting older son to wear jeans and younger son to wear a color besides gray. : )