Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's that time again! Random Thought Tuesday <- I KNOW that's not what it's called, but I like this word order better. I got the idea from BloggingMama-Andrea.blogspot.com so go check her out!

*I’m so happy! I cleaned out this totally random cupboard and found one of my favorite pictures!
I thought it was lost forever!
It’s a little piece of history.

Aren't you glad you got to see that?

Aren't you glad I didn't warn you?

*ONE of the Bonehead Brothers leaves for college on Thursday.
That means that Garrett will need a new partner in crime.

*It will be pretty quiet around here this week.
Garrett and Parker leave for the Venture Scout High Adventure on Wednesday. Buh-Bye!

*Here's a snippet of conversation from yesterday.

Brian drove the scouts to camp.

ME: "Hey, I'm just calling because there is a tornado warning for where you guys are."

Brian looks up in the sky: "Nope. Blue skies here."

ME: "No really. A tornado was spotted in Franktown, just a few miles from you."

Brian: "Umm...Nope. Nothing." He turns around. "Oh wait. Holy Cow! There it is and it's headed right for us. I gotta go!"

Here's a pic he took when he turned around to see what I was talking about.

*Those black widow eggs on my desk haven't hatched. I'm going to do some research to figure out what happens next.......maybe Wikipedia will suggest throwing the jar out???? But the sick side of me (which is a BIG side) wants to see.

*Brian and I are going out to breakfast right now.

But you know what would be better than breakfast? A cupcake.

Don't think I don't see through his ploy. He's taking me to breakfast so we can check the menu for his High Adventure thingy and then he's going to ask me to go to Costco and buy all the food. But I will totally do anything for FOOD! He knows this!


So, We’re pretty much in agreement that we would like our kids AND other people’s kids to be reverent.

Unfortunately, we’re not in charge of other people’s kids. Wouldn’t that be fun if we were? Or maybe not.

KUDO’S to Siobhan, Kellisue, Rachael and all you ladies who take a passel of small children to church each Sunday and make it work. It is definitely work. Bless you!!!!!

I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help from your input and also what worked for me and my own little demons.

As some of you pointed out, we are all at church to worship.
While your little angel’s behavior might seem fine to you….like running up to the stand, standing in the aisle and conducting music, waving to the speaker etc, may I submit that if whatever you (or your child) is doing is distracting or keeping someone from their worship, then it’s not appropriate behavior.

I know – this sounds hardcore.

I think we've done a good job identifying the PROBLEM.
Let's look at some SOLUTIONS:

Here’s some helpful hints from readers:
1. Teach children that the most important part of the meeting is the Sacrament. It’s our time to think about Jesus. My kids knew that if they tried to talk to me during those few minutes, they would get a “talk to the hand sign.”
2. Believe it or not, it really is better to sit up front. The closer you are, the easier it is to focus on the speaker. There are less distractions.
3. Talk about reverence and your expectations BEFORE going to church. This could be a great Family Home Evening lesson.
4. Practice reverence and respect at home – no you don’t have to whisper all day, but you could stress sitting on the couch (rather than standing) is respectful, or practice during family prayer.
5. Remind children what your expectations are on the way to church. It doesn’t hurt to remind them what the consequences are as well.
6. Role play at FHE or in the car. Put some crazy, never-would-happen scenarios out there and get the giggles out.
7. Have an adult sit at the end of the row to prevent “escapes.”
8. Remove children when they get too restless or make too much noise.
9. Don’t make leaving the chapel fun. I’d wiggle and make noise if I knew that it would get me out of the chapel and in the hall for some running and socializing with friends!

You guys are awesome!
Thank you for playing along and taking the time to type up your responses.

While doing a little research,
I found this sweet little letter from Vaughan J. Featherstone =that was published in The Friend in 1976.

There is also this wonderful reminder from Dallin Oaks from last conference.

And last but not least, to answer "Why we take the Sacrament with our right hand." This from Russell M. Nelson & Bruce R. McConkie=1 . Go half way down the page.


Stephdeezy said...

So I have been so intrigued by the black widow that I did a lil research of my own and I figure if I try to stop by in the next 11 to 20 days I may see the cannibalism in action. Not many will survive is what I read. Can't wait. Still disturbingly gross on so many levels but so COOL!

And about reverance dude I just remember that my siblings entertained me; maybe that was the thought process that my parents had. Hmm

Melissa said...

If you let the eggs hatch, you will see so many cute little baby spiders that your heart will melt and you'll want to keep them all!

By the way, thanks for the reverence suggestions. My older girls are fine, but Kate is a problem. I guess we're going to have to get more hard-core with her, but if we take her into the hall and constrain her, she will scream, and that will disturb the worship service. I guess we'll have to take her outside to scream.

valerie said...

Still Ewww on the spiders. Take pictures of the babies hatching!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I think you are nuts on the spider thing. EWW! I still can't get the picture of the jar out of my head (and now thanks for the bleeding ear. I need a magic eraser for my eyes now.)

Thanks for the linky love. http://theunmom.com is the original Fugly Button owner Random Creator Master. I just love her.

The Bonehead brothers are getting split up? Say it isn't so!