Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The BONEHEAD BROTHERS Achieve Their Fondest Dream

Well, one of them.
Remember when the Bonehead Brothers went to the
art show in search of a sofa size painting?
And how mad they were when they couldn't find one?

How happy was I when Tyler bounced into the house with this –
It’s called……’ll never guess………”Conquistador.”
Tyler: "Look what I got?"
ME (always supportive): "That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!"
Tyler: "No it's not. It's totally cool and it's called...Conquistador."
ME: "Whatever! He's hideous."
Tyler" "And I got it for free!"
ME: "I hope so!"
Tyler: "It's awesome and I'm taking it with me to school."
ME: "Thank heavens."
Tyler: "Yeah, I'm hanging it in my dorm."
ME: "I pity your room mate."

How crushed am I that he took that thing with him?


valerie said...

lol. will make a great conversation piece!

Guymons said...

hey, William needs that shirt Tyler is wearing in that picture for trek!