Friday, July 3, 2009


Summer is the time to reunite and reconnect with family.

There's the big hugs and sloppy kisses from people you've never met,
matching t-shirts for 125, warm potato salad in the park, and skits about "inside" family jokes that anyone born after 1959 doesn't get.

And everyone's favorite activity is when the professional photographer shows up to take pictures of the whole gang!
I hope you have a wonderful time at your reunion!

I just hope it's not with any of these families!

A family that hunts together..........eats?

If you're hookin up with Ron and Lucinda and gang in North Dakota, you might want to offer to bring the burgers.

If you are passing through Nebraska, do NOT accept an offer to stay in the Bates extra room. Get a hotel!

Looks like the Young family reunion has started without you and they aren't playing card games!

And I thought it was bad when they passed out matching t-shirts at the reunion.

Can you say............."Family Tree?"
I'm sorry.........just say no.
But I do want to see how the multigenerational picture comes out.
Bummer that Jeff and BeckLynn won't be there. They're.........busy. But they send their love and sent this pic so they can be photo-shopped in!
Happy Family Time!


valerie said...

LOL! Love those pics. :)

Allison Williams said...

hahaha I love it!!!