Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Don't you love Random Thought Tuesday.

I do...because I'm random.
I'm late joing in with Keely theunmom.com/. I tried to post this morning but Blogger was broken,

as in, it wouldn't let me space anything. It was like my "enter" button was broken. So I gave up.

I worked yesterday.
Guess who my boss was?
Garrett - my 17 year old.
Wow! That was a trip.

He set up his laptop and showed me how to enter information onto this website while he drove to the office to pick up some more files.
Ummmm.......that didn't work out so well.
He told me to call him if I had questions.
I called him while he was still in the driveway.
He made it look super easy. It wasn't.
Who knew I was stupid?
I never thought I was..........until yesterday.
Good thing I wasn't getting paid!

Guess who is in Drivers' Ed this week?
Yep, tiny baby!
We've been our usual loving and compassionate selves and have been teasing Parker that maybe he should take a booster seat or some phone books with him.

Last week, I read The Elegance of a Hedgehog.
I had a difficult time getting into it at first.
And then suddenly, I rounded a corner and loved it.
I was reading it at the pool.

The writing was so beautiful
and what was happening was so beautiful that I started to cry.
I had to put the book down.
Then I picked it back up and continued reading
and I would cry again over how tender it was.

I was sad when it ended.
But I don't know that I would recommend it because it was soooo hard to get into at first.

I signed up to have a foreign exchange student.
He's from France.
He's 14 1/2 and he's coming for 3 weeks.
I told Parker, "I got you a playmate."
Really, we'll have a good time.

Parker played in the Varsity lacrosse game last night
and SCORED!!!!!!!

I love reading the paper in the morning
while eating a bakery item - like brownies or cupcakes and drinking an ice cold coke.

But the paper is making me really mad lately.
I'm deciding -
is the newspaper dumb? or are people dumb?

The article are written from a stupid perspective about stupid people doing stupid things and it leaves me wanting to say DUH!



Jennifer said...

Both.... are dumb that is.

valerie said...

Blogger wouldn't let me space either. Grrr...Love the randomness! Have fun with the drivers ed and the exchange student.

Guymons said...

yay on the goal!!!