Monday, July 27, 2009


It's everyone's favorite day!
Let's play Random Thought Tuesday with Keely at The!

*Wow! Can you believe that I can't even think of anything random?
That's because I am cheating!
I'm writing this on Monday night because I am on my way to a cabin in the mountains with Parker and Simon (French Foreign Exchange Student) and some friends.

We're going to be kicking back, eating, playing games, panning for gold (I'm gonna be rich!), hiking, going on picnics, wandering around Breckinridge, reading and playing games.

*We've been teaching Simon important vocabulary words that his English teacher hasn't taught him. We are soooo service oriented at this house! You should hear the boys define "weird," "creepy," "tight," and "Sike!" But Simon has indulged us as well.

Garrett: "How do you say UGLY?"
Garrett: "Yeah, like, 'that girl is ugly.' "
Simon: "Ugly."
Garrett: "Yeah. What is the word."
Simon: "Ugly. We say ugly."
Garrett: "So how do you"
Simon: "Same. We say sexy."

I guess we know all the French we need to know!

*You know how car rides with kids are an awesome time to TALK?
Over the years, I've trapped all the boys in the car to discuss important topics.
Garrett is the best. He stares longingly out the side window with one hand on the handle.
He's kind of saying a double prayer: "Please make her stop talking" and "I'm gonna open the door and dive me!"

We've covered a multitude of important topics like SEX and DRUGS and well, the other day we covered ROCK AND ROLL.

It wasn't exactly rock and roll, it was more about hip hop.
We had a philosophical discussion/argument on who has done more for the industry:

Kanye West or Lil Wayne?
We're at an impasse.
At least we can both agree on sex.

*Bacon, Cupcakes, Butter, Avocados, Shrimp Cocktail, Sugar Cookies with Pink Frosting, Ham and Funeral Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy...

I'm hungry! Don't all of those sound good?

* Brian hates to play games - like card games and board games, and, well, head games too.
I like games and no one will play games with me except for Parker. But how many games are for two players? Here's where Simon comes in!
From the moment he got here, I've tricked him into believing that 1)we always play games and 2) everyone has to put their own dishes in the dishwasher after meals. So now HE is setting an example for the boys and the boys think THEY are setting an example for him. I just leave my plate on the table and walk away.

*I've got to do an update on Trammell in Cambodia!!!! But I will be out of town when his email comes Tuesday night. I won't have computer access for a couple of days, so you'll have to check back.

* Oh, I ordered some really cute Ed Hardy tennis shoes. I was hoping they would come by now. They aren't the usual dark colors with skulls. They are an aqua color with koi and geishas and skulls.
*You know how I hardly watch ANY TV?
Well, I have a new favorite show! Are you ready?
Yeah, I really like Kat Von D and the gang.
I have a sick fascination for all the people who come in there and get the most bizarre things tattooed: a pic of their dog on their calf, a screaming pumpkin on their cleavage, or a picture of themselves!!! <- well, half the face is themselves, the other half is a skull (that makes it way more understandable.)

Enough of the random! I have to get up tomorrow at 5 am if I'm going to get everyone out of here at 8.


Missty said...

Oh I LOVE the "car talks" And we have always had them - about everything - sex, drugs, friends, school, teachers, everything. And I miss them when the boys started driving, and I had to find a way to tie them down and say what needed to be said. In the car, its listen to mom or jump out!! lol

Usually its those minutes right after picking them up from school are when THEY want to talk about whats bugging them.

Enjoy your mountain time!!

Oh and I LOVE card games, and Matt doesn't. We need to play some cards!

Shirley said...

I loved the English/French lesson. LOL We had a similar one with a German exchange student many years ago. After questioning the girl on how to say quite a few things, youngest child decided she didn't really speak German at all. LOL

We are game players. Phase 10 and It Came to Pass are good card games for two people, but definately more fun with one or two more.

Not that we keep track or anything, but in 2007, Dan won 30 times and I won 36, in 2008, he won 50 and I won 59. So far this year he's won 25 and I've won 23. Last night he finally played Settlers of Zarahemla with me, even though he hates it. I won.

valerie said...

lol Cars are great to have all sorts of talks in. I think my oldest had the same reaction as Parker did the other day though when I started talking. :)

Guymons said...

Im curious if you call him "Sigh-mon" or "Sea'Moan"?

I love playing Scrabble and Boggle, but my husband nor my big kids ever want to play, so I end up having to play Bradley and Andrew, and that's not as competitive as I would like.

Have fun in the mountains! (you will)

Mama Badger said...

We have the same problem with games since there are only two of us old enough for a real game. I agree that Scrabble can be a good one.

Ahhh, the exchange student. That's just a world of fun. Have a good time on your trip!

♥georgie♥ said...

yep i too love car talks...always so insightful lol

your list of food has me starving now

loved your RTT

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Heh, love that you're teaching Simon 'important' vocabulary words...and the English/French comparisons are hilarious!

Oooh! I can't wait to have some of those 'car talks' with Princess Nagger when she gets older... :)

Have fun at the cabin in the mountains - sounds awesome!

Happy RTT! :)

Keely said...

Ed Hardy does shoes now?!? Oh crap. I'm in trouble.

Also, what the heck are FUNERAL potatoes?

Kim said...

do you know what the word for UGLY is i n French...????? garrett is mean.... it is or it sounds like BETTE!!!!!!!!

Allison Williams said...

I LOVE Kat Von D!! It really is interesting what some people do!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I'm going in reverse random today - Hello love Ink but I prefer Miami. Miami Ink is my favorite show (don't like Kat D sorry).

Do you know know I have to google Ed Hardy shoes, geesh thanks, lol.

I love that you left the table without your plate. Moms rock!

I think I may trap my kids in the car someday. I mean I have one who HATES going places and the other who is ready to pop on her shoes at a seconds notice. Maybe if I tell Boo we are going to talk about any of those food items I'll catch him.

Hope you're having a blast and the bugs don't eat you alive (or dead either for that matter) :)

Ashli Dardenne said...

I just saw a girl (probably about 21 years old) with a tattoo of her Grandpa on her upper back, like between her shoulder blades. Oh my gosh! It was so ugly. It was at least 8 inches tall and was her Grandpa's face!!! It even said "Grandpa" under it. I'm thinking she will come to regret this choice she made someday.

{amy} said...

Love your random thoughts Gina. We love card games. I got excited because they had a pretty new deck of cards at Target the other day. I bought it to me MY deck. Your French dude looks cute!!