Saturday, July 11, 2009


Remember in 4th grade when your teacher taught you that ANYONE could write poetry? And you learned to write Haikus?

Our local newspaper has a weekly Haiku contest.
They throw out a topic like GRASS or CHERRIES.
The winner gets $25.
I haven't entered.
I haven't played along.

But yesterday, I was thinking of all the things that remind me of summer.
And rather than make a LIST,

I wrote some Summer Haikus.
Don't laugh.

You can do it too!
Three lines - first line = 5 syllables, second line =7 syllables, third line = 5 syllables.

Write your own and comment back.
I want to read yours!


Long days of nothing

No plans, no obligations
Do just what you want

Under breezy trees
White clouds drift through turquoise skies
Views mottled by leaves

Juice dripping freely
From melons, peaches, cherries
Staining chins and hands

Swim suits and towels
Coppertone wafts through the air
True scent of summer

Cherry or grape please
Orange is last to be picked
Ice cold, sticky bliss

Sizzle, Steam, Smoke
Eating to the crickets’ song
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Ribs

Slowly, slowly falls
the sun into night. Streetlights on.
Darn! Time to go in.

The ceiling fan whirs
Heat hangs in the air outside
I twist in the sheets


martyeaster said...

Did you steal these from a book or did you really sit down and make all these up? Good job either way.

H.K. said...

WOW!!!! I could visualize summer as I was reading your Haiku. I loved it!!! My creative juices is zilch at the moment, but I if I think of any, I'll come back and share it with you!

Shirley said...

I'm impressed! You need to submit yours to the paper.

One hundred degrees
in the shade. Too hot to move.
Can't wait for winter!

Relatives coming.
One more trip to Disney World
Visitors, go home!

Trip to Cocoa Beach
Hot sun,sand, watch for riptides
I'm sunburned again.

valerie said...

Love them! Totally what I picture summer to be.

Kim said...

well done.