Monday, July 20, 2009


As you may or may not know,
the BONEHEAD BROTHERS have been separated for THREE WHOLE WEEKS.

Okay, it's going on four!

Tyler has been at BYU for summer term.
I just don't know HOW they've been able to manage.

Just last night, I said to Garrett,
"I feel sorry for Tyler's roommate."
G: "Really? Why????"
Me: "Well first, there's Conquistador l and Tyler farts."

Garrett didn't see either of those as deterrents to living with Tyler.

So, if you haven't seen your Siamese Twin in 3 weeks and he isn't coming home until mid August, what should you do?

YES! It's a Bonehead Brother Reunion!

Me: "Garrett wants to go visit Tyler in Provo."
Brian: "I'm fine with that. When does he want to go?"
Me: "Next week, like from Monday to the next Monday."
Brian: "Oh NO! Hell NO! He can go for 3-4 days. He should go for long enough to go to class with Tyler and go to Tyler's singles ward, but not longer than 3-4 days."

So it's all set.

Garrett will be in Provo Thursday through Sunday.

I wish I could tell you to come back and read about their reunion and adventures, but do you really think that we're going to hear about them?

So if you're in Provo this weekend,
keep an eye out!


Rachael said...

We will definitely keep our eyes peeled for them!

valerie said...

lol Dang! Maybe they will share a few stories with ya. Then again, maybe you might not want to know.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I'll be sure to keep an eye out in NJ just in case. It's the Bonehead never know.

Missty said...

I wondered why we hadn't heard the latest story... one is in Utah!!
Fun trip! Do you dare send a camera along??