Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It’s Random Thought Tuesday with Keely The Unmom/.

- I love Random Thought Tuesday. In my life, everyday is Random Thought Day.

- Garrett got a NEW job. Oh he’s still a lifeguard. But in his free time, he is a business man. It’s serious business too! He has a blackberry and a laptop and he a cosigner on the business account. (Because I am such a supportive mom, I laughed – like guffawed- the whole time he was telling me about it). He kept saying, “Mom, why are you laughing?” I was laughing to hard to deny that I was laughing. Anyway, he is managing a self storage center. He rents out units, collects rent, locks people out when they don’t pay their rent, lets them back in when they finally do come up with the money, etc. It’s a legit job.

- When Garrett and I went to the funeral last week, he nudged me and said, “Mom, see that statue on the right?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Garrett: “It looks really familiar.”

Me: “Duh! It’s The Pieta. You’ve seen the real one in Florence.” Garrett: “Yeah…….I knew it looked familiar but isn’t the real one bigger and it’s not plaster is it? Isn't it made out of marble?” Oh geez!

- It’s going to be 96 degrees today. I’m thinking of spending the day at the pool. Brian says that is backwards to how most people think. He says that on hot days, people look for things to do INSIDE, not purposely go outside. What do you think?

- We are getting a new bishop Sunday. I’m excited! Not because I want to dump the old bishop. I like him. I LOVE change. I find it exciting.

- Don’t you hate it when you are handling frozen juice, ice cream or popsicles and sometime in its life it has melted and dripped and then refrozen and every time you touch the container, it’s sticky. What is with that?

- I love Colorado summers. If you’ve never been to Colorado, you really should visit. I have NEVER seen a sky so cloudless and blue. Everyday is gorgeous.

- If I see ONE MORE Michael Jackson anything, I am going to scream. Enough already!


kel said...

I am sooooo sick of the MJ crap!! He's dead, we get it!

valerie said...

I love going to the lake when it's super hot out. I agree, enough of MJ.

~Billie~ said...

I miss CO summers! Sounds like your son has an interesting job! Good for him! =)

Lynn said...

Pretty random there!
Ditto on your MJ statement.

Anonymous said...

I second the Michael Jackson comment. I'm fed up. FED UP! Let the man die in peace and find another topic.

The Boyfriend is a lifeguard too. It's crazy. He likes it but it's so much more tiring than in seems being in this Florida summer sun all day.

I never handle frozen juice. I can't comment.

But happy RTT!!

Keely said...

It's a locale thing. If it's warm at ALL around here (nevermind 96 degrees), we all head outside. We spend enough time inside during the winter!