Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's my favorite day!
It's Random Thought Tuesday with Keely: theunmom/.
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*Couldn't post early this morning because I tool Garrett to get his SENIOR PICTURES taken. Yea Garrett! Yea senior pics!
He gets a discount (if he can find the coupon somewhere in his trunk or under his bed) because he did this for them:

*I made SMOOTHIES for the kids yesterday.
We love homemade smoothies.
There is nothing remotely healthy about the ones we make…
Other than the 7 servings of fruit.
There are probably 29 teaspoons of sugar.
Who cares?

Here’s what we do:

Put all of the following into a blender:
Scoops of Raspberry Sherbet
½ of banana
3-4 Strawberries
Orange Juice
4-5 Ice Cubes
Blend away.

You can put in whatever fruit you want:

I forgot. They are healthy because the Raspberry Sherbet is FAT FREE.

*The foreign exchange student comes on Saturday.
I decided it was time to get ready for him.
No, I didn’t make the guest room bed.
I started with important things.
I cleaned out the pantry
and picked up the rifles or shotguns or whatever kind of guns they are off the floor of the storeroom.

*What is wrong with our family? (Don't answer that!)
Last night, the tornado sirens went off about 10:15ish.
First, I went outside. (?)
Then, I went to the top of the basement stairs to call the boys UP. (?)
After calling their names 50 times, I realized that big gusty bursts of cool air were coming up the stairway.
Finally, Parker answered, "Mom, were you calling us?"
Me: Yeah.....What is with all the wind down there? Is the door open?"
Parker: "Yeah. We were outside because the tornado sirens are going off." (?)

*Parker told me he failed the “permit test” at drivers’ ed and has to go back to take it again this Friday.
Liar, liar pants on fire!
I didn’t believe him for even ½ a second.

*Seriously, does anyone really CARE about Jon and Kate?????

*I bought my first Christmas present.
I’d tell you all about it but then
Garrett would know that he is getting…………


Mama Badger said...

Yes, Dorothy, run outside when you hear the sirens... Good idea. And those of us that don't get that kind of weather wonder how so many people end up dead in tornados. Now we know!

Those smoothies are healthy. They have tons of fruit in them. And ice. Nothing wrong with ice, right?

Loved the randomness. Tuesday just might be my favorite day of the week now. I get to visit all sorts of new exciting people!

The Laughing Idiot said...

That's funny about the tornado sirens! Wish I were that gutsy.

I'm such a paranoid freak about them. Whenever they go off, I hustle everyone to the basement. My husband rolls his eyes about it, but he's never seen a real one - I've seen the results first hand.

Terresa said...

Love the raspberry smoothie, fat free is a bonus.

The picts are fun - the truck and snowball fights are the best.

PS: did I mention I have a son named Garrett, too. Garretts rock!

valerie said...

Yum! Your smoothie sounds good. I may have to try it. You already bought a Christmas present? I thought I was the only Christmas kuku around here. :) Good to know I have an accomplice!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

The smoothie sounds delish.

I'm going to be so sad when your kids go to college and I won't get daily updates on the things they do. They are simply too much.

'Pick up the rifles' and then you ask us what's wrong with your family...I'm going to plead the fifth ;)

(just kidding)

Keely said...

I'd run outside too, but tornados are a little bit of a rarity around here. Never mind tornado SIRENS.

Now I want a smoothie. And a tornado.