Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three Second Rule????

Is it a "Three second rule?" or "Five second rule?" or "Thirty minute rule?"
And does it just apply to your own house?

Just the kitchen?
What about the bathroom?

Who made up this rule?
I need some clarification.

The reason I ask is because the other day, Parker ate a churro off the street.

And I'm not talking about from the in VENDOR.
I mean from the in OFF the street.

And not really off the street, but off of the parking lot.
Is there a difference? And if so, what is it?
I admit it.

I bribe my kids to accompany me places with food.

I told him he could get WHATEVER he wanted from the luscious Costco food court, knowing that even if he bought one of everything, it wouldn't cost more than $5.

So we were leaving Costco with 2 Polish dogs, 2 drinks, 1 ginormous slice of pizza and 2 churros............along with the heavy laden cart filled with life sustaining items like Blood Orange soda, salami, beach towels and AAA batteries.

We made it all the way to the car when one of the churros just broke in half and fell to the ground.
He paused.
He snatched it up off the parking lot.
And quickly took a bite, like eating it hurriedly would prove it was alright.
It's alright isn't it?
I don't think he beat the 3 second rule.
He might have beat the 5 second rule.
But he for sure beat the 30 minute rule.........which is why I like the 30 minute rule.
And besides, our Costco is only like a year old,
so it can't be that bad.........can it?


Shirley said...

Hey, what's a little motor oil and dirt going to hurt? When I first started reading, I thought you meant he found something on the ground and ate it. YUCK!!!

Melissa said...

It's good for his immune system to eat things off the ground. I would encourage it if I were you.

valerie said...

It's just a little extra protien from whatever decided to cling to the churro. :)

martyeaster said...

I tried to google it but I will look again. When I was in college my professor handed out a masters thesis from a lady at Stanford and she actually went thru test to see if the three second rule actually was valid. Basically after you sift thru all of the uppity up college talk it said that doesnt really matter unless you drop it into some sort of water or liquid. Then the number of microbes jumped thru the roof. Kinda interesting and I guess once you get into Stanford you can do whatever you want. I'll keep looking for it though. Just remember that the only really bad germs are the ones that can live without water. Hope that makes you feel better!!!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Thank you Marty!

Oh and for everyone else - Marty KNOWS these things! He works for Tri-County Health Department doing restaurant inspections.

He calls to tell me all the ones that are getting SHUT DOWN and I immediately go eat there one last time!

Stephdeezy said...

I was dyin to hear this one...I'm glad you got around to it. I haven't posted in a while because pool vs posting...hmm I think I'll go with the pool. How's the mamawidow doing btw?