Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you calling me DUMB?

Are you ready for the LONG weekend?
Around here, it's actually a 4-DAY weekend.

I am SOOOOO excited!

But let's not rush the weekend, let's celebrate Friday!
Get on over to Half Past Kissin' Time and thank the amazing Mrs. 4444.

* My friend Kevin is very concerned for my welfare.
He sent me this chart with shocking information.

This chart that people who listen to certain music like Beethoven and Counting Crows score significantly higher than those who listen to hip hop music with the lowest scores going to Lil Wayne listeners.

I have two things to say to Kevin:

Na, na, na, na, na I never even took the SAT!  I took the ACT!

And -
* Brian likes a certain shampoo.
But we don't like to pay full price.
I found a website where I can get it at a discount.
But the shampoo has been on backorder since before Christmas.
Yesterday, I told Brian that the shampoo was still on backorder.
He said, "For heaven's sake.  What are you saving? $3?  Just go to the mall and buy the shampoo."

This is why I don't "just go to the mall and buy the shampoo."

* If you were receiving an emoticon what's madder or meaner?  a : ( or a : / face?

* I strongly believe in having my children attend school every day that it is in session.  They rarely miss class.  And they certainly don't miss class "just because" unless it's GERMAN and the teacher makes the class just sit in the auditorium while he works on technical stuff for the school play.  Parker will be missing German today.

* Oh and in case you didn't know - My husband ROCKS and I love he and my crazy boys more than words!

Have the BEST long weekend EVER!


martyeaster said...

Can you please make that Lil Wayne picture your profile pic on Facebook! PLEASE!!!

Guymons said...

I made Melanee go to school on senior cut (ditch) day...she was the only one there in some of her classes and those teachers were mad at her for coming because if she wouldn't have come they could have had that time free to do whatever they wanted....soooooo, should I make William go to school on senior cut day this year?????

Young Wife said...

I'm cracking up over you taking the ACT! Have a great weekend!

Raven said...

This is the meanest face >:( Or at least, the meanest one I've seen.

Lil Wayne? (cries a little) oh girl, we so need to talk. ;)

Christina said...

Oh, I'm still laughing at you pimpin' that Lil Wayne shirt... too funny.

Donna said...

I heard about that study that says people who listen to classical music have higher IQs. Your commentary and picture about it are so funny!

Jene said...

I try to avoid the mall as much as possible, for the same reasons. I'm also very cheap about my shampoo. I couldn't imagine buying at the mall. So, I'm dying to know, what kind of shampoo is it??

moedawg said...

Can I borrow that chart? That's awesome! Know why? Because I adore the Counting Crows!! Now I have another reason to flaunt our collective fabulousness.
That being said, your Lil Wayne shirt is rockin

Missty said...

Love you in that T-shirt!! LOL

I give my kids one "Ferris Bueller" Day off a semester. But it can't be missing a test, etc.

There are just days when us adults just don't like to do anything - just not feeling it. Yet we make our kids go each and every day, when they could use a break from their crazy life every now and again. Especially when a teacher has other things to do like the German teacher. That is usually the type of days my boys didnt go.

Happy weekend.

dddiva said...

I dunno, I totally think you should go to the mall and reward yourself with an awesome new outfit.

But, I am in the opposite camp with school- I would much rather my kids took mental health days than sicko days.

Julianna said...

I just can't figure out weather you're really into Lil Wayne or wheather it's all just a bad dream somehow. -J

Dysfunctional Mom said...

This is my mad emoticon: >:| Isn't that scary?!
I had a dream about Lil Wayne the other night. I dreamed we saw him at some random place and he needed someone to babysit his baby son (does he even have one? I have no clue) so we volunteered and we all ended up being friends. It was strange, but my dreams always are! I don't even like him but my son does.