Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want Some Candy Little Girl?

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.........the BEST day of the week (besides Friday and Saturday)!
Don't you LOVE RaNDoM TueSDaY?
Go on over to The Un Mom and tell Keely how much you love her!

* We don't have school today (okay, I NEVER have school...but...you know what I mean).  There is always a Teacher Inservice Day on the day after President's Day.  So it's always a 4-day weekend.  And for that, I am grateful!  I wish everyday were a "no school day."

* Yesterday, Parker woke at 10:20 because he didn't "want to sleep the day away."
I suggested he 1. Get a haircut, 2. Clean his room and 3. Do about 1,000 other productive things.
He said he didn't think he could squeeze any of those things in because he HAD to go out to lunch, play a round of golf and go to the gym to play raquetball, squash and sit in the sauna.
His life is HARD.........really, really hard.
He DID clean his room though.

* This is my candy stash drawer cupboard.
I'm NOT a hoarder!
Seriously!  There's more in there than candy!
I mean - look that witch's cauldron takes up nearly half the shelf.

And there are boxes of Ziploc bags on the top shelf.
It just needs to be cleaned out.

* Get excited!  I am adding a fun new feature/column to my blog.
I'll be sharing "interviews" with my favorite ER doc.
It will be everything that is hilarious about the ER.
Having a hard time imagining what could be hilarious? Well check back.
You'll see!

*Sunday morning, Brian and I woke up at 6 am and thought we smelled natural gas in our bedroom.
We walked all through the house sniffing (in the dark.  Everyone knows not to turn on light switches when you smell natural gas.)
I even went outside to where the gas line comes in and sniffed around.
Our investigation ended in the storeroom.
It seems that one of the furnaces wasn't working.
We decided that it tried to go on and the gas valve opened up and the furance malfunctioned and didn't light.
The gas went out into the storeroom and when the other furnace kicked on, it sucked the natural gas air in and sent it into our room.
Thanks furnace!
Problem solved!
I just came upstairs, turned the furnace off and went back to bed.
Easy fix.

*Text conversation with Trammell -
"I know what I want for my birthday!"
Me: "What?"
"To kick it with you!"
Me: "LOL"
"No for reals not for fakes."

Awwww......how can I deny his birthday wish?

Come on over and get some candy!
And have a great Tuesday!



Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm thankful for today being an inservice day for Princess Nagger, too - especially since we got 9-inches of snow last night!

I love that Parker actually squeezed in cleaning his room with that busy schedule... ;)

Your 'stash' cracked me up! :)

Mother Nature, Annoying Neighbors, Dino Fun - RTT

Raven said...

At least he cleaned his room. When my daughter finally gets around to cleaning her room I suspect we'll find both Jimmy Hoffa and the Lindbergh baby in there.

Wow! That's some candy. It's Halloween at your house every day! nomnomnomnomnom

I'm glad you figured out your gas problem and your house didn't blow up. I would have missed you. ;)

For FRANKS Sake said...

Your cupboard totally looks like my hubby's "secret" stash in the garage. lol

allstarme said...

That is a SERIOUS candy stash!

Kris said...

You had me at candy....

Happy RTT!!

Missty said...

Hey, if your favorite Dr still has his blog, I would love the address to it. Months ago my computer crashed, and I lost all my favorites - his blog being one of them.

Julianna said...

I hate in service days (for us it's a half day of school) They really mess with my day care schedule. And because of the snow, they added one for March. Joy. -J

Lauren Billat said...

HOLY Hannah - that is ALOT of candy! Do you have a good dentist? ;)

Brandy@YDK said...

awww to kick it with you so sweet.

and the easy life of being a teenager.