Thursday, February 3, 2011

Temples: Q&A

Let's talk about temples!
I posted that Garrett is going to the temple and some of you have questions.
I love questions.Mama Badger from Out of the Boondocks asked:

So, is this your "local" temple? Do you have to wear special duds (like Sunday best, or what have you? Mormons are always dressed fairly nicely, does it get better?)

What will you guys be doing?

We do have a temple in Denver that we can all go to,
but once we realized that we would need to fly the boys home, we decided to just go their direction. There is even a temple in Idaho right next to Garrett's college campus.  But, Garrett said that he has always wanted to go to the Salt Lake Temple.

When we go to the temple, we do wear our Sunday best-

for men, that would be a shirt and tie (a suit, if you have one.)
for women, a dress or skirt and blouse.
From -
"Temples are literally houses of the Lord. They are holy places of worship where individuals make sacred covenants with God. Because making covenants with God is such a solemn responsibility, individuals cannot enter the temple to receive their endowments or be sealed in marriage for eternity until they have fully prepared themselves and been members of the Church for at least a year. Throughout history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples. The Church is working to build temples all over the world to make temple blessings more available for a greater number of Heavenly Father's children."

When we are baptized, we make covenants with the Lord.
The covenants include promising to take the name of Christ upon us and stand as a witness, serve one another and bear one another's burdens, and keep the commandments.

Of course, none of us are perfect and through Christ's Atonement, we have the opportunity to repent and try again.
We partake of the Sacrament each Sunday to remind us and renew these covenants.

As we mature and progress in the Gospel, we desire and are willing to make more covenants.

"Temples are places of learning. Their principal purpose is to provide ordinances necessary for the children of God to enable them to return to dwell with Him. Temple ordinances lead to the greatest blessings available through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Everything in the Church—the meetings and activities, the missionary efforts, the lessons taught and the hymns—all lead to the work done in holy temples.

One ordinance received in the temple is called the endowment. The word endowment means “gift,” and the temple endowment truly is a gift from God. The ordinance consists of a series of instructions and includes covenants to live righteously and follow the requirements of the gospel. The endowment focuses on the Savior, His role in Heavenly Father's plan, and the personal commitment of each member to follow Him."

I hope this answers some of your questions!


Raven said...

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

H.K. said...

Great answers! I have quite a few famly members and friends who are not members that read my blog, so I can just refer them to these answers when they ask about the temple.

Danelle said...

My sister got married in the Salt Lake Temple. I'm sure it will be wonderful, and you are the best blogger missionary ever. :)