Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I Don't Run the World

While my parents are on their mission in Italy,
I am "in charge" of taking care of their house and mail and miscellaneous stuff.

A few months ago, their debit card was compromised and there was some fraud.
They had to get a new card mailed to them in Italy......which got stolen before it got there.
So they had a second, or third, depending on how you are counting, card sent to my house and I mailed it and it got there.

But in the meantime,
showed up - the costume, not the kid.

No.  My parents didn't order it.

And then these -

I returned them and CANCELLED the Disney Movie Membership "they" had signed up for.

But then this -

(the glittery case, not the I-Pod touch) showed up.
And it showed up AT MY HOUSE, ADDRESSED TO ME!

I figured it was another result of the credit card fraud because WHO would order this?
But just in case, I asked my boys if anyone had ordered it.
I asked my brother and his kids (who live just two doors away) if they had ordered it.
And just as I was getting ready to drop it into the trash can, I mentioned it in passing to my parents on Skype.

It was there's.  My mom had ordered it.
She wanted something that would stand out when looking into the dark cavern of her purse.
Oh, there is so much I could comment on!

Anyway, today I gathered the case and all of there W-2's and tax documents so that they can file their taxes and threw them in an evenlope with this note -

"Dear Mom & Dad,
I hope everything is going well and that you are feeling better.
I made a copy of all of your tax papers in case you don't get this package.
But then, you wouldn't know that I made copies because you wouldn't get this note. 
Talk to you soon.
Love, Gina"

They might want to rethink who they have looking over their affairs!


Raven said...

LOL I love that note! Cool case!

Donna said...

That's so funny that your mom chose that phone case! I hope the package makes it to them!

Julianna said...

You can send the costume to me. Prehaps then it'd make it easier to get off my butt and get things done.

And I'd look Oh-so-cool doing so. :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Fraudulent stuff is just so annoying WTHeck...
I love the case too but that is a shame it wasn't for you...
I have a pen pal in Italy and wrote her in December and have still not heard a word back...maybe I should write another letter just in case thieves thought it had money in it!
Have a great long weekend (not one for me but I like my job) :)