Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miami Vices, Minions & Fading Tan Lines

Where am I?  What day is it?  And where is that pool guy with a non-alcoholic Miami Vice?
Thank heavens for Keely and the fugly purple button-
My descent into "real life" has been difficult.
I tried wearing flip flops (oooo.... I'm proud of myself for not calling them thongs!) and that didn't work so well in the slushy grocery store parking lot.
Maybe I'll get out the blender and make my own tropical drinks
or throw a cover up over my jeans and sweater.
Well.......it was good while it lasted.

* I don't really watch award shows (unless my neighbors are going to be in them, so I will be watching the Oscars) but I was soooo happy that both Justin Bieber and Eminem were snubbed by the Grammy giver-outers!

* I've done five loads of laundry but have yet to unpack my suitcase.

* Eavesdropping:
"I find I am having more and more conflicts with people who won't do things my way."

* We have been trying to teach my 2 year old nephew to say "minion" in hopes that we can get him to say, "I'm a minion."  It comes out sounding like "mini." 
Brian derailed our whole scheme by teaching him to say "king."
Now, when I say, "Say 'I'm a minion!' "
He says, "I'm KING!."

Who will be our minion?

* Last week, I was buying See's Candy for my valentines.  Because I spent more than $25, they gave me a coupon to get............a FREE TOTE BAG with my next purchase.
Who wants a free tote bag?
I want free CANDY!

* Our Valentine's Day was mellow.
Brian surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries and roses when we got home from the airport Saturday night.  And we exchanged cards and candy yesterday.  Because we had eaten the last 30 meals out, including lunch yesterday, we did not go to dinner.

The boys all loved their Valentine's packages.
Garrett posted this on Facebook -
"Got the valentines hook up from my mom. Everyone who is complaining that they dont have a valentine should at least be glad their mom loves them."

Trammell texted this last night -
"Happy Valentine's Day Mom!  I love you!  You'll always be my valentine."


Okay - I may be able to face the day!
Go be RaNDoM!


Danelle said...

Hope you had fun! I think the idea of the tote bag is that you will be tempted to fill it with candy that you purchase. It's a marketing scheme, one I would totally fall for. Then I would use it for a church bag.

Raven said...

My Midget always gets mad at me when I call flip-flops thongs. Her exasperated reply is always, "Mo-om, thongs are underwear!"

You can come tame some laundry at my house, if you like. Mine's still revolting against me.

I need a minion. Scratch that. I need a lot of minions.

I hope you re-assimilate back into reality soon! It can be a harsh adjustment-or so I've heard!

Dawn said...

Loving the minions! I'm still searching for some so if you see any, send some out East....

Hope that you had a fabulous trip!(We ate in for Valentine's Day too - beef burgundy I had made and froze a couple of weeks ago. We're so romantic.)

Mimi said...

Just so you know...while on the computer, your nephew came to sit on my lap. I happened to be reading your blog at the time. As I scrolled down the pot today, your nephew shouts out "MINIONS"!

Crasy little man!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I love it - not a minion but a KING! ;)

And your son posting praise for you on his FB page - priceless!

RTT: Valentine, Dino Claw, Improvements

Kris said...

Minions do rule!!! Too cute!!!

happy RTT!

Allstarme79 said...

Aww, your kids are sweet! I'm trying to teach my oldest some phrases too (he's 3.5). Last night we were working on Arnold quotes like from Predator: "Get to the choppa!" It's awesome when your kids unwittingly say pop-culture things.

Laufa said...

Such sweet sentiments from your boys.
That drink looks yummy! The Cheeseburger in Paradise drink is so good - tastes like Strawberry margarita, Pina Colada, and some blue drink all in a fish bowl. I'm not even a drinker.
Haha, he's King!
We didn't do anything special for Vday either. It was actually warm outside, so I kicked the kids out and they didn't want to come back in.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I get the having a hard time getting back to reality thing. And good luck unpacking your suitcase. That is my least favorite thing about going on a trip.

And I loved what your son wrote on FB. That is too funny--and also very sweet.

Julianna said...

Not being random this week... I must stay focused.

(I'm failing miserably by the way)

I have minions. Lots of them. You want one? I'll share. Honest. I may even let you keep one. :)

Christina said...

Everyone needs a good minion.
You have the best kids. So sweet.

Captain Dumbass said...

I taught the boys minion, now they'll freely admit it. Kids are great fun.

Stef said...

Aww, your boys comments made me think there is hope for my boys. My boys really are little and cute and love me best. ...for now.

I love your blog, have I told you that lately?

Just call me Yankee said...

I love candy too. I don't want a free bag either. Give me free candy! I want a minion too. Let me know if you figure out how to find one. Happy RTT!