Friday, February 25, 2011

My Cookies Got Recalled!?!

Phew!  It's Friday!
Why do weeks that follow long weekends seem so long?
Shouldn't they seem shorter since we technically didn't have to work as many days?
Or are they longer because we squeeze five days of work into the remaining week?
All I know is that thanks to Mrs. 4444's at Half Past Kissin' Time, it's time to FRAG!
* First, let me get it out there that Charlie Sheen is an idiot.
Enough about him.

* I bought these cookies at Sam's Club-
Mmm.......Yummy!  Cute Sprinkles!
But then I got a phone call last night.
There was a recording that said "You have purchased Mini Sugar Cookies from Sam's Club with a UPC 12345678.  Do not eat the cookies.  They have been recalled because of undeclared food coloring ingredients.


* I had forgotten that I have 8 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the pantry.

* I had already eaten one of the cookies and Parker had eaten 4 when we got the call.
It's just food coloring.  We didn't die.  Don't you think we can eat the reat?

* Today, it is cold with a porjected high of 37 and it's supposed to start snowing.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and 52.
Sunday it's supposed to be cold and rainy or snowy with a high of 41.
Doesn't Saturday sound like the perfect day to RUN Red Rocks?
* Parker's lacrosse team is hopping on a bus and going to Red Rocks.
Not for a concert.

But to run.
I'm having a hard time convincing him that it's a PRIVILEGE to RUN Red Rocks!
I mean COME ON!  Anyone can run the stairs at the high school stadium!

* For some ODD reason, BOTH Trammell and Parker's phones went "down" yesterday at 4ish.
There was widespread panic!
You would have thought one of Trammell's lungs had been snatched out of his body.
Death was nigh!
It all got worked out.
When Brian got home at 10 pm, he innocently mentioned that he was renegotiating his work cell phone plan and negotiated new phones for everyone - all workers and Trammell and Parker.
The new phones all work and are in a box in his office.

*I'm taking dinner to someone tonight.
She had a baby.
She requested home made mac and cheese or other pasta dish (for her 9 year old).
I'm taking home made mac and cheese,
grilled herb chicken,
grilled vegetables,
and blonde brownies with chocolate chips and walnuts.

It's enough to tempt me to make double and eat at home.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


Raven said...

It's freezing here today. More snow is on the way. Mother Nature sucks. I hope she trips and falls so I can point and laugh.

Sounds like a nummy dinner! Don't forget to stop by my house with any leftovers. ;)

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Seriously, a cookie recall? I have never heard of such a thing. Bizarre-o! I'm glad to hear you're still alive & kicking.
Man, that dinner for your friend almost makes me want to have another baby. OK not really but it sounds good!

Mel Fraase said...

I think (and don't sue me if you're suddenly allergic to Red #5 or something!) you're probably safe to eat those cookies....

If anything, you have backups!!

That meal sounds DELISH!!

Jay and Haley said...

Can you please bring me dinner after I have my baby? That sounds so good!

Julianna said...

Um, how can I run red rocks? That looks beautiful.

And I'll have twins if you promise to cook for me. Course, I'll have to reverse the surgery, and convince Almost Hubs... but for good home cookin' he may be game.

Just don't bring me any of the BJ's cookies, K?

Unknown Mami said...

You are awesome for bringing such goodies to new baby's mama. I love and appreciate when my friends do that for us. It's sooo nice.

I would be totally bummed about the recalled cookies.

Amy said...

Your blog is making me hungry tonight. Homemade mac 'n cheese...yummmm...

Patty Edwards said...
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Patty Edwards said...

That's what you get for going to Sam's Club (part of WalMart) instead of Costco. ;-)

Donna said...

Will you bring me dinner when I have my next baby?! :)
I agree, Charlie Sheen is being a complete idiot!

Mrs4444 said...

I love feeding people who really need it--It's such a simple thing to do and so appreciated (even when you're not literally poor and starving to death :)