Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Packing the RaNDoM in!

I'll show you random!
Random actions!
I haven't had time for THOUGHTS.
I've been running around like a crazy person in completely RaNDoM directions.

If you're going in RaNDoM directions too, just go on over to The Un Mom's and get RaNDoM over there.

Yesterday was a little crazy.
I unpacked one suitcase and started packing another.

I got interrupted by.............
3 loads of laundry
Going to the bank
Going to the grocery store
Buying cleats for Parker
Watching for my parents to get on Skype
Going to the cleaners
Checking on my parents' house and picking up their mail
Buying a couple of Valentine gifts
Making Valentine cards for the college boys

Packing up Valentine Care Packages
Going to the post office
Arranging for Airport Transfers
Typing up and sending the lacrosse meeting agenda to the Vice President so he can run the meeting they are having while I am gone.  I told him he can vote my votes too!
Locating the passports
Buying sunscreen and snacks - why do I always pack food?
Cleaning out the refrigerator
Checking in to the flight
Charging the camera batteries
Making a stack of books to pack when I do pack
Cleaning the house
Reading the weather alerts - which said that the snow was supposed to start at midnight and continue to 8 am with as much as an inch of snow falling per hour. 

Well, I'm really going to go pack and get out of here!
Have a great Tuesday and a great week!


Kris said...

Oh sunshine and cocktails....I am living vicariously through you today!!!

Happy Random Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds super busy!! Happy Tuesday. :)

VandyJ said...

Have fun on your vacation! Jealous of your sun chair.

Raven said...

Wow, just reading this post made me tired! Enjoy your vacation!

H.K. said...

Whew, I'm just tired reading your list! You are crazy busy! Hope you're able to fit in some rest time too- Happy Tuesday!

Julianna said...

You know...

You could just do click and ship. Your mailman will just pick up the boxes at your door :)

And being Gluten Free, we always pack snacks when we go any where. I can't count on having GF snacks available when we need them.

Stef said...

Holy craziness! Have fun!!

Danelle said...

I'm sure you're long gone to Mexico by now, and from the looks of your "to do" list, you deserve a vacation. Have fun!

Donna said...

You're so lucky! Have a wonderful trip!