Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Random Birthday!

Stacy is still playing Queen of Random.
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It's RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY AND it's Bri Bri's Birthday!

Let's celebrate both with some awesome RaNDoM about my best friend and love of my life!
* First, it's his 29th birthday AGAIN and he shares it with my way cool, beautiful sister-in-law who also turning 29 but is like 12 years younger.
(She's the one in the back)
* Brian is celebrating his birthday by.........going to work!  He has always been a hard worker!  At a young age (like 8 or something ridiculous), he and his brother would fill their wagon with "fire starters" and go up and down the street selling them.  He also sold greeting cards door-to-door. He got his first "real" job when he was 12.  He would mow and trim and sweep the grass at a shopping center.  it would take all week to work his way around the center and then......it was time to start again.  When he was 14, he hung up ladies dresses at Loehmans.  He's worked since birth!

* Brian likes to hunt, fish, ski, hike and golf.  At least he used to.....until he got really busy with work, family and church service.  But he was really good at all of them.  He can still out-ski most people.

* Brian is a casual collector - meaning he doesn't catalog or go to shows or spend time hunting down items, but he likes to collect nice pens, tools, guns, knives, and watches.

* He is generous!  Really generous.  He is happy to let people borrow whatever he has. So his collection of tools has diminished over the years.  If you need a screwdriver or hammer or extension cord, come on over.  If you need a cordless drill, his collection of 7 or 8 is down to 3 or 4, but you can still borrow one!

* He is accomplished!  He has achieved much!  He is an Eagle Scout and earned the Boy Scout Medal of Heroism (for saving a family from a fire on his way home from a date with me!)  He was Student Body President of the Universe (okay not quite, but he did organize a national student council conference).  He graduated from BYU.  He has won several professional awards.  But most importantly, he has won the hearts of his family and friends and is widely admired!

* He loves God!  He always tries to do the right thing.  He always serves!  He went on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Milan, Italy.  He has served in a variety of church callings and boy scout positions, professional boards and community organizations.  Almost every Saturday morning, he is can be found helping someone move in or out of their house or apartment.

* Brian is compassionate.  He had a brain tumor when he was 14 and after brain surgery, had to go to school completely bald.  It was back in the day when your value as a high schooler was determined by the length of your hair.  He has a wonderful ability to seek out those in need either physically, emotionally or spiritually and lift them up.  He always tries to do what Jesus would do.

* He is a great husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. Everyone loves him!
(Brian and our sister-in-law Stephanie)

Happy, Happy Birthday to the best husband ever!


Mimi said...

It's TRUE! Brian is a great man. LEEroy would do anything to help someone, including "bailing" you out of ANY situation (ask Gina's brother for more details). Uncle Bri Bri makes life better. We love him and are glad to be close by. Greatest accomplishment: 3 great boys! Greatest Catch: Gina!

Happy Birthday Brian! Your dad would be proud of the man you have become!


Guymons said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Hope it's a great one. (during and after work) I hope you get a cupcake or 2 and that Gina doesn't hoard them all.

And Gina, everyone always borrows our tools, too. And we often forget who has what. The other day I went to pick up one of my cub scouts for scouts and there his dad was in the front yard digging with our red shovel....that they have never returned...THAT'S WHERE IT IS....and they are moving this summer, we better get it back, bet we'll have to ask for it if we really want it back, WHY don't people return things. Missing hammer, missing Sawzall....buy your own people, or borrow and keep the Guymon's stuff.

I liked reading your Birthday post, I should get back to doing those about my family!!!! Wonder how many birthdays I have missed.

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Hope your day is filled with love and laughter!

Julianna said...


How awesome your hubby is!

And hey! It's Almost Hubs Birthday too!

(But he's WAY over 29.)

VandyJ said...

Happy birthday Brian! My hubby celebrates today too. What a great way to celebrate the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.

allstarme said...

Happy birthday to him!. And Happy RTT.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

That is so sweet! Happy 29th Birthday Brian!


Danelle said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to Brian! Coincidentally, I will also be turning 29 this year. ;)

Stef said...

Happy Birthday to him! Sounds like you got a good one for sure.

Andrea said...

So sweet! Inspired me to look for the good in my husband instead of annoying things. Hope it was a happy birthday, and happy Tuesday!

Captain Dumbass said...

Happy Birthday best husband ever.

Andrea said...

Happy birthday! I can't believe you gave out his age! I mean 29! That's SO old!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

It's true- he's a great man and a great friend! We are so blessed to have him in our family's lives! Tell him happy birthday for us!!!

JJ said...

you are my favorite sister, no doubt! I have made up my mind and you win. I love you.

JJ said...

Oh and Brian is really cool too, but behind every good man is a better woman. I guess this is a post about him, so... I love Brian too. I liked reading all the things you wrote. He really is all those things and he has been a great example to me through thick and thin and there has been some pretty thick times and pretty thin times as well.