Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Brilliant!

I grew up with all boys.
I'm the mom of all boys.
Not a lot gets by me.

Saturday night at 9 pm, I went to the store and bought a carton of 18 eggs.
Sunday morning at 9 am, I got the eggs out and scratched my head.
I ALWAYS check my eggs.  And I know I did Saturday night because I actually had to open 4 boxes before I found one without cracked eggs.

Parker was at a church dance when I got home from the store.
He came home at 11 and said that friends were coming over to have a fire in the firepit and make s'mores.
We got out the marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers.
Everyone left around midnight.
It's not uncommon for Parker to decide he is hungry at midnight and whip up something ridiculous in the kitchen.
But no.  That just didn't sound right to me.
While contemplating the missing eggs, I looked out the kitchen window.

Mystery solved.
"Parker, why were you and your friends launching eggs with the slingshot at midnight?"

"We wanted to see how far we could launch them."
Of course!  It makes ALL the sense in the world!
Mystery solved.


Mama Badger said...

Well, at least you know where they went, right? You're not encouraging me, though...

Joy For Your Journey said...

Don't you love boys!! They are always so honest about their behavior. My son would come home and say things like, "We found this old sofa in the desert so we lit it on fire and took pictures of use jumping over it. It was so cool!" And I would want to die.

Aren't you glad they only used three eggs? And good for you for being on top of it!!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...


So how far did the eggs go anyway? I wouldn't think they would be visible at night. Maybe they had some sort of cool tracking devices attached to them... or maybe they just hoped you wouldn't figure it out.


Danelle said...

With all your experience around boys, I'm surprised it took you that long to figure out where the eggs went. ;)

Andrea said...

Never a dull moment in the Cox house! (I bet you wish there was though!)