Monday, June 6, 2011

The Speed of Light

Some of the people in our neighborhood are quite concerned about people speeding through the neighborhood.  First, let me tell you that it is a LARGE neighborhood.  There are about 250 homes and each home sits on about 1 1/2 acres.  From my house to the entrance of the neighborhood is 1.8 miles.  In general, people don't drive through our neighborhood to cut through to anywhere.  There is no where to go except to someone's house.

So yes, most of the speed offenders are residents.

Over the years, people have suggested speed bumps, additional stop signs and all kinds of speed abatement idiocies.

The concern about speeders is largely over deer.  Yeah....deer.  Some people feel really, really sorry for the poor deer who forget to look both ways and run out in front of cars.  Never mind the damage that is done to cars or the fact that speed has little to do with it.  It's not like the deer is standing by the side of the road playing "chicken" with the cars and then gets hit all because some race demon speeds up from 25 to 32.  Really?  The deer?

How about children?

Anyway, someone recently installed a couple of these -
in key places around our neighborhood.

Honestly people, did you think that we were speeding because we didn't KNOW the speed limit?
I am fully aware that the speed limit is 25.
I am fully aware that I am exceeding it.
It's blatant disrespect for the law.
Yeah.  I'm saying it.
I don't care.
I speed because I want to get the heck out of the neighborhood and get going on my errands.
Do you know how long it takes to drive 1.8 miles?
Holy Cow!  I could be stuck in the neighborhood ALL DAY just trying to get out!

I watch for children.  I purposely don't drive the bus route when I know there are busses and school children in the neighborhood (because then I would have to drive 15 and stop every 10 yards.)

I watch for wildlife - deer, fox, coyotes and teenagers.  Sorry, I don't care about the bunnies.
I watch for the walkers, joggers, bikers, and the moms whose kids got on the bus at 8:45 but like to stand in the MIDDLE of the road and visit until 10.

But seriously, do you think that people don't KNOW the speed limit is 25?
Do you think those stupid signs are going to slow people down.
They're not.
Well, I've wasted enough time venting about these stupid signs.
I have to go run errands - driving 32 in a 25 to get out of the neighborhood.

Have a great day!

PS - The highest those signs go is 40 and then it just blinks at you.  In case you were wondering.


Tricia said...

i started singing: "going 90 in a 65" in my head.

and i'm laughing that you know the "limit" of the speed limit sign. lol.

Julianna said...

Around here they gave up on the signs. They installed speed bumps and speed Humps on alot of the roads. Now, if you go too fast, you'll be airborne.

Imaginge how many deer, squirrels, or birds you could take out then.

H.K. said...

Those flashing signs are always annoying and you're right, I don't think signs can slow down the speeding.