Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Be RaNDoM or Not To Be

Do I even have any RaNDoM?
To blog or NOT to blog....that is the question.


Keely's NOT doing it.
But Stacy is.
Bless Stacy's heart!  She's continuing the RaNDoM tradition over at her place.
Click the linky thingy above and go pay her a visit.

* Oh, okay.  I'll play along too.
We're going to Seattle Thursday for a wedding, so I'll be gone toward the end of the week.
It's going to be SO much fun!
I'm really looking forward to SLEEPING and EATING...........two things I don't get enough of at home!

* We're off to the park today.
Yeah - it's going to be a beautiful 99 degree day with winds gusting to 50.
Who doesn't want to be outside?

* The park is a childhood favorite!
There is a little petting zoo, a miniature train, a tiny creek - really tiny, like 4 inches deep and 2 feet across,
and there is a giant airplane you can climb on and a big grassy hill you can roll down.
I'm going with a bunch of 16-18 year olds.
They'll LOVE it!

* Saturday, in preparation for THE PIONEER TREK,
we spent three hours with a committee of people, dividing all the teenagers into "families."
There are 10 kids in each family and we wanted it divided evenly with boys and girls and a nice mix of ages in each family.
Only three hours!  Amazing!!
Everyone will find out which family they are in in about 10 days to 2 weeks.
People are offering me money to tell them what family they are in!

* People are offering Parker MORE money to go ahead and get on my computer and rearrange families for them!
Why wouldn't they come to me with MORE money?

* Update on my mom -
She received her stem cell transplant last week.
The deal was that she would feel okay Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then slowly start feeling crummy on Thursday and be pretty miserable by Saturday and Sunday with nausea, total hair loss, zero white blood cells, exhaustion and mouth sores.  Jealous?

So far, she only has a few mouth sores (and they aren't stopping her from eating like they do with most cancer patients) and she is bored as heck.
She is doing miraculously well!
She can't have ANY visitors except for my dad and my brother since she has NO white blood cells and she's in isolation for 3-5 weeks while her body starts reproducing healthy white blood cells.
No one can send any gifts or packages into isolation, so she's hanging out with the TV, her IPad and laptop.
That was as of yesterday.
We'll see how she is feeling today.

* We went to see Cars2 this weekend.
Well, we didn't go to see the movie.
We went to see my nephew, Gabriel see the movie.
He sat in the middle and there were 13 of us craning our necks to see his expression as he watched the show.  It was fun!!!!

That's it!
I'm out.

I'm going to get the trash to the curb and clean the house before we take off for our park adventure!
You all have a great Tuesday!


Kristine said...

The park sounds awesome! Have a blast!!

Anonymous said...

My son wants to see Cars 2 but it's getting awful ratings! Oh well. happy Tuesday.

VandyJ said...

That does sound like a really cool park. Have fun!

Mama Badger said...

If your Mom has her iPad then she needs the boys to make her e-mail art! Sounds like she's handling it well, though.

Hmmm, you'd think someone would show up with cupcakes if they wanted a family switch. Do they not know you?

Rachael said...

Tell your mom I said hi! I love that lady!!!!

Lauren Billat said...

We have to wait until we get off the bus in WYO to find out our families. Should be interesting. ;)