Friday, June 3, 2011

Pioneer Trekking, Icy Lemonade & Rib Eye Sandwiches

It's Friday!
We made it!

It's time for FF -
Fantastic Fudge?
Fantasy Football?

Frolicking Fearlessly?
Go on over to Mrs. 4444's place an join the celebration!

* Having the little old lady who works at McDonalds walk around and pass out "samples" of the new Frozen Srawberry Lemonade was a REALLY bad idea.  Good for them.  Bad for me!
Don't go try it.........unless you WANT to drop by there everyday for one.

* Last year, I went to our neighborhood pool exactly ZERO times.
Not even fully clothed to take a child lunch or find out when they would be home because they weren't answering their cell phone.
So this year, I have a goal.
No, it's not to go to the pool.
But I DO want to sit in the sun 1 hour every most some day and READ,
That's all I ask!

*Tomorrow is our "Ma & Pa Training" for the Pioneer Trek.
Four hours of learning how to cook in a dutch oven, set up tents, medical and safety training etc.
I hope everyone comes!
I hope they are excited!
Yes, there actually ARE people who WANT to go!

I can't tell you how many people have called and BEGGED to be Ma's & Pa's.
I've offered to give them my space!
Anyway, I better go dig out my pioneer clothes.
(And quit fragmenting and finish the training notebooks)

* Today is Tiny Baby's last day of school.
The last day of school is really on Monday.
He proclaimed that there was NO WAY he was going back after the weekend.
He had one final scheduled for Monday.
He talked to the teacher into letting him take it yesterday.
Two finals today and DONE!
He is just hours away from straight A's!

* Tomorrow, a man from a local nursery is coming to plant a tree in the backyard.
Brian's employees arranged for the payment and planting of the tree to honor my little brother.
They are even including a little stone plaque near the tree with his name on it.
How kind is that?
Doesn't that just want to make you cry?

* You know when, out of courtesy, you ask your family if anyone NEEDS anything from the grocery store and someone says deoderant or shampoo?
I asked Parker

and he said, "Yeah, can you pick up a Ribeye, bell peppers - one red and one green, some provolone and some good steak rolls?"

Why can't he ask for candy? or cheetos?
What is WRONG with this child?

That't it.  I really do need to go work on those Trek Training Manuals!
Have a fabulous weekend!


Dawn said...

Well, the boy does have good I'm craving a steak sandwich. Thanks Parker!

And I've done that too - crammed in an extra final in college so I wouldn't have to go back after the weekend to take a final that for me would last approximately 20 minutes. So I did 2 finals in 2 hours and walked away with As in both subjects. Remind me again why I didn't major in something I'm good at, like history or poli sci?

Have a great time on your Pioneer Trek (no frozen strawberry lemonades in the wilderness though I'm afraid).

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I've been wondering about the McD's drink. I will stay away!

An hour in the sun reading. Oh the joy! I hope you can meet that goal!

Stopping by for your fragments.

valerie said...

Make cheesy dutch oven potatoes! YUMMY! Dutch oven cobbler is good too!'s suppose to be warm this weekend, I might have to have a little dutch oven cookoff of my own. :)

Love the idea of a tree in memory of your brother. How sweet.

Mama Badger said...

I like what Parker asked for. When I ask what the kids want it's almost always "lollies".

Good luck with Trek Training! Get those parents into shape.

Rachael said...

You'll have to take a picture of the tree and plaque for Justin and blog about it.
I am jealous of you guys doing the Pioneer Trek!!! How fun!!!

Karen and Gerard said...

Hope you have a great time at the Pioneer training--sounds like fun! I love free samples! An hour of reading outside is very relaxing. I like to go to the library garden downtown on my lunch hour to read.

Stopping by from FF.

Lauren Billat said...

Parker has the "million dollar" taste buds. That kid knows how to EAT!

qandlequeen said...

I seriously need to kick the people at my McDonald's they piss me off every time with customer service and quality. I used a free coupon for that lemonade thing and it was AWFUL. I couldn't imagine putting that out for public consumption. It was wretchedly tart so I had to ask for packets of sugar. Listening to everyone gush on and on over it I'm going to assume that it's not supposed to suck just that my a-hole store somehow screwed it up.

qandlequeen said...
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H.K. said...

I had to laugh at Parker's response to you for groceries. I get those complicated requests from Moe too!