Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RTT: Flag Day Style!

Happy FLAG Day!
Happy Tuesday!
Happy RaNDoM!

That's a LOT to be HAPPY about!
So get on over to Stacy's and tell her how HAPPY you are that she is standing in for Keely!


On with the RaNDoM!

* Sunday, Parker and I made these -
Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars
I got the idea from the funeral I was serving lunch at on Saturday.
Guess what I am having for breakfast?

* Mary Kate Olson (of Mary Kate & Ashley) is "dating" Kanye West.
Ummmm........I don't really see hip hop singers or rappers "dating" ANYONE.
She should be grounded.

* Parker had the day off yesterday.
He made the most of it.
He left the house at 7:30 am and golfed 22 holes.
Yeah - after 18, he golfed four more.  The person he was golfing with was too slow, and he had other stuff he wanted to do, so he called it a day.
Then he went long boarding with friends.
Then he went to a Leadership "Welcome to Leadership Freshmen" bowling party.
And then he went to a friend's house for a little bonfire.
Remember when you were 16?
Yeah, my life wasn't like that either.

* But before we all covet Parker's life,
I will tell you that today he gets to go to the DUMP.
Oh and not just go there............take a loaded pickup and empty it there.
But I told him he can litter while he's there.
Yeah - drink a can of pop and just throw the can down.
Or stop for lunch and then just throw the wrappers carelessly on the ground.
See! I can make ANY chore fun!

* In honor of Flag Day, youu can go to tasteofhome.com
and click on the flag cake on the right side of the page and Taste of Home will donate 10 cents to the USO.
Come on!  Just do it!  It's way better than actually making the cake.

* To celebrate Flag Day, I ordered these -
This isn't just a regular boar shoe.  No!  It's covered in clear sequins!  It's a sequinned boat shoe! Aren't I patriotic???? Okay, it has NOTHING to do with Flag Day but still.

* That's it!  That's all I got.
Plus besides Flag Day, it's trash day,
and I've got to get the trash cans and bags of cut grass to the curb.
I really know how to CELEBRATE!


VandyJ said...

I remember being 16 and lifeguarding at the outdoor pool. Life was so easy then.

Amanda said...

I love those Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars. Will be totally stealing that idea.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to get away with boat shoes but I think they look silly on me. Maybe I will just take the plunge and see if I can get away with it.

Julianna said...

I remember 16. 3 jobs and a lot of school work. :(

I grew up way too soon.

I was working until Youngest had some "issues" with field day and I had to pick him up.

We're making donuts.

I suppose I should call my sister and find out what we're doing for her husband's birthday (today)

Make I'll make the cake...

Mama Badger said...

I love those PB bars. Hmmmm. I do remember 16 just like that. Happy Flag Day (and nice shoes!)

Donna said...

Those peanut butter bars look SO good. I've been craving chocolate and sweets like mad lately.
Happy Flag Day!!

Andrea said...

I think those boat shoes could double as dressy white flats with those sequins--excellent purchase!

Lauren Billat said...

Ashlyn bought those same sequined Sperry's at Dillards. She LOVES them!

gretchen said...

Today is Flag Day? How did I miss that? Dang. I have to say, that the dump is the perfect penance for all that golf. Or maybe I should say that all that golf is perfect reward for all that dump!

Danelle said...

I wish if I clicked on the Taste of Home link someone would make a dontation AND make the cake for me! And do those boat shoes come in any other colors? White might get dirty and I have no idea how to wash sequins.