Friday, June 10, 2011


It's Friday!
I LOVE Friday for no real reason other than it's Friday and we GET to hang out with Mrs. 4444 and FRAGMENT!
Go over and say "hi" and defragment yourself!  Everyone's doing it!

* For weeks, I have been receiving emails about renting a private island and flying places on a private jet.  I don't know why their sponsors thought I was a good candidate.  But now after weeks of not taking anyone up on their offers for private islands and jets, I am getting emails about MOTOR HOMES.  I have been demoted down the social chain by random emailers.

* I swear I am the only person who STILL reads a newspaper.  I MUST be the ONLY subscriber in town.
Every Friday, the newspaper sends an email: "Gina click on the treasure box to see if you have won $25 to...."  I NEVER win!  I think the winners are made up people.  I go outside and look up and down the street.  No one else has a newspaper on their driveway.  I AM the ONLY reader!  Therefore, I SHOULD be the WINNER!

* Parker starts work at the country club today.  Don't ask what he is doing. I don't know.  He's underage, so he's not serving cocktails.  He's working in the golf department, area,  division, whatever.  I think he'll be cleaning out golf carts, bringing them up for patrons, working in the pro shop and I don't know what else.  He is 5'6" and weighs 125.  The manager gave him two men's LARGE golf shirts.  Just don't ask him to raise his arms.  As long as he keeps his arms by his sides, you won't see the extra foot of sleeve.  Oh, and did you know that golf is for fat men?  Okay, maybe not fat, but they (Golf clothing manufacturers) don't make pants below a 32" waist.  Really!

* I'll be working on "loading" the excel spread sheet with Youth Trek Participants.  All the forms were due June 1.  There are a total of 420 kids going.  I am responsible for 200 of them.  So far, I have 17 forms.  To the kids' credit, most of the forms are in the hands of church leaders.......who just haven't given them to me.

* Garrett and his companion had to/got to accompany another missionary OUT of the Mission Training Center to the doctor.  A "stranger" insisted on taking their picture and sending it to their moms.  It was so fun to receive a random texted picture.  How cool is that?  I would share it with you but I am the only person on the block who doesn't have a smart phone (and still reads the newspaper) so it can't be shared.  He looks cute though!

Wait.....I am brilliant!  I sent the pic to Tram on HIS IPhone and he sent it back to me as an email.  I'm brilliant!

* Remember my "goal" to sit outside in the sun and read everyday for 1 (ONE) hour?  Well, I did sit outside for an a cumulative hour this week.  So, it wasn't an hour every day and it wasn't every day, but on a couple of days I got out there for a few minutes.

* Every night, the "What's for dinner" question comes up.  All week, I have been saying, "I want pizza."  No one else wants pizza.  No one would let me get pizza!  What kind of family is this??  Finally, last night, I made Parker come with me to get pizza.  He had chicken wings and a salad.  What is WRONG with kids these days?

* Wow, this is kind of whiny!  And let's be real.  I usually, always get my way.
In fact, I never told you about this...........Just a few, short days before Mother's Day, Garrett and I were walking down the mall and I saw this
in the window of Williams-Sonoma.  Yeah, it's NOT the professional one I have.  Yeah, it has 25 less whats of power than my current one.  But it's PINK!  I didn't say a word to anyone.  Okay, I might of hopped on one foot and pointed and squealed like a 3 year old, but guess what was in my kitchen on Mother's Day.  Uh huh!  Hot pink!!!  Life isn't THAT bad.  It will get a lot more use than one of those stupid private islands or private jets anyway.

Have a great Friday!


mimbles said...

I tried to sit outside in the sun to read this week. The birds threw seed pods at me!

Yay! for presents that make you super happy and well done Garrett for getting the hint :-)

Guymons said...

William is not as small/skinny as Parker, but when he got hired the owner told him to go buy his own "Dickie" brand blue pants and shorts and he would be reimbursed. We went to 4 different stores before we found them. The smallest pants waist size we found were 32, got those, but he needs a belt, but the smallest shorts waist was a 36, which was frustrating, there is NO WAY William would ever be able to wear a 36! And shorts are a must now for movers in the summer!

And I don't have a smart phone, but I can type in my e mail in the send line and my phone will send my photos to my e mail, wonder if that would work for you.

I send photos to missionaries moms...haha...they, like you, love getting them!

Mama Badger said...

That is a sweet mixer.

How nice of random "strangers" to think to send moms a picture!

H.K. said...

One of these days I have to do a Fragment Friday- I love reading what's going on with you in just one post! And I'm totally going to put that pink mixer on my christmas list!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh I do like the pink... mine is plain old white, which is good, because it's been with me through four houses, thus four kitchens and each ended up a different color... if I had a color, I'd have had to get a new one every time I moved!

Keetha Broyles said...

Funny about the "demotion" in free vacation promos.

Julianna said...

I am also getting those emails.

I'll get the jet, you get the island, and we'll sit on the beach for a week reading in the sun.


Dysfunctional Mom said...

Ya know, sitting outside reading is one of those things that sounds like something I should enjoy, but probably really wouldn't, so I'll just stay inside in the AC.
The mixer is awesome!

Karen and Gerard said...

That's crazy no one else wanted pizza! Maybe they are sick. I love pizza!