Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's OUT for the Summer!

It's Tuesday!!!
Even though Keely has deserted us, Stacy has picked up the slack.
Let the party continue!

Now's your chance to get RaNDoM!

* Today is the first official day of summer for Parker!
Last night, the high school's auto-call system called to tell me that he failed to show up for class yesterday.
Duh!  Remember!  He refused to go back to school after the weekend and arranged to take his finals early so he wouldn't have to go on Monday.
I am NOT calling the school to re-excuse him or to argue.
School's over.  He has straight A's.  What do I care?

* He had to go to school yesterday just to turn in his Senior Spirit Wear order.
So much for refusing to go back to school!

* Parker has to go BACK to school today to the EMPTY school today and clean out the Leadership closet with all the other student body officers.
So much for refusing to go back to school!

* Parker has to go BACK to school tomorrow to go on an Officer's Retreat. 
I find it funny that they had to get a "special" male chaperone because the class sponsor is female and all of the officers except Parker are female and because Parker is the ONE male, they will have to have a male chaperone go along.

So much for refusing to go back to school!

* One of my friends died unexpectedly yesterday.
I guess if you are 76, it's not entirely unexpected....but then again, it is.
I have been her visiting teacher for years.
I was lucky and was able to make it to the hospital and see her.

* I went to Party City to buy some candy to put in a box for Garrett.
He likes all the wacky, super sour stuff like Toxic Waste War Heads.
As I ws checking out, the cashier suddenly stopped ringing me up, came from behind the counter, walked down the aisle and came back with two - 4 pound bags of Tootsie Rolls.
"Would like this for $2?"
"Yeah, they normally sell for $12.99, but we are discontinuing them and are selling them for $2."
Why?  Parker wanted to know why I didn't buy TWO bags.

* Here is the tree that our friends planted in our backyard in my brother's memory.  It's an Austrian Juniper shaped into a bonsai.  Isn't it a sweet little tree?  The nursery man came and planted it and told us how to take care of it.  I can see it from my kitchen window.  The plaque will arrive later.  Isn't that cool???

* Well I'm off to the office to work on the employee handbook and deliver a cake for all of the June birthdays.  Fun times!!!


Kristine said...

I would have bought both bags of Tootsie Rolls. They are really hard to find here so when I do find them I stock up. They are my 2nd favorite candy. I always steal all of them from my daughter's Halloween stash. ;-)

Toni said...

Poor Parker. Hehe.

I like that tree, it's very neat!

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I find the male chaperone thing really irritating. I just think that's unfair, you know? I sometimes don't like this world. ;) And good deal on the Tootsie rolls! Happy Tuesday!

Mama Badger said...

That is a beautiful tree. I would have bought every bag she had. You should tell me what candies he likes best. We have a candy supplier who opens to the public out here and you can get the most odd stuff!

Rachael said...

Very cool tree and I am jealous of the GREEN in your HUGE backyard! I miss Colorado and the colors there! It is just brown here! BROWN and BLAH!!!!

Mom in High Heels said...

LOL about not going back to school. Poor kid.
Lovely tree!
Happy RTT!

Danelle said...

I want to know why you didn't get ME a $2 mega bag of Tootsie Rolls? And I love the tree. What a great idea!

Andrea said...

I admire your restraint with the one bag of tootsies! My husband once came home with nine...NINE bags of licorice because the sale was so swell!

How soon do you think Parker will go back to visit school in the fall?

That tree is so unique and lovely!

Captain Dumbass said...

Toxic waste war heads sound good. Well, my 16 year old self thinks so anyway. Sorry about your friend.

Shirley said...

I love the tree. What a nice thing for your friends to do. How's your sister-in-law doing?