Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to Normal....Whatever THAT Is!

Well THAT was quite a weekend week!
Last week's Homecoming week was full of costumes, activities and late nights.
With Parker having to attend games, events and activities every night, homework didn't start until 9:30.
And when you get up at 5:15 everyday, it's bound to lead to death being exhausted.


Each class has 3 walls to decorate.
When I say "walls," I'm NOT talking about the kind in your house.
I'm talking WALLS!
Here is some of the Senior's handy work.

Oh, the theme was "Saturday Night Lights."
All the floats and the walls fit into the sports theme.

 All of the Seniors' names are listed in the blue squares - all 690 or 723 of them.  Whatever.

 You get the idea how high these walls are when you see the kids' heads.
Freshman wall - pretty cute.....predicting that the class of 2015 will win ALL the state championship titles.

Then we had the parade/BBQ/carnival/pep rally on Friday night.
Parker was specifically in charge of the BBQ.
 Wait!  Why do the Poms have the flags?
 Why do the flag boys have poms? 
Oh! Well! I certainly wasn't expecting THAT!  Thus the reason Parker is half out of the picture. The Poms' coach was quite impressed with those split jumps.  Eek!

I didn't take pictures of any of the BBQ festivities or the carnival games because I high tailed it out of there for a real dinner and left Parker to his responsibilities.  Byt he time it was finished and his committee cleaned up, it was 9 pm.

Saturday -
Tailgate, Football Game and aMAIZEing Corn Maze.

Remember, Parker didn't want to go to the dance, so he invited some friends to go to the corn maze and then come over for "corny" food.
 We had a CORNucopia of candy, CORN chips and salsa, mini CORN dogs, CORN tortilla taquitos, CORN on the cob cupcakes,
 high octane E-85 fuel (Okay!  it was apple cider) and high fructose CORN syrup (pop).  And I had to throw in a veggie tray for good measure.  No!  We did not serve baby corn!

A good time was had by all.
And now, we can put Homecoming 2011 behind us and go back to normalcy..... whatever that is!


Andrea said...

I'm in shock...all those shoes...all those kids...

You are a WAY cooler mom than I will ever be!

Guymons said...

sounds like fun and a lot of work. I can tell you are glad it's over. Now what's next...something big and fun, I'm sure!!! Enjoy it now, next year will be much quieter, I'm sure!

Kimberly said...

wow, what a full house!!

The corn party looked like fun!

How did he decide on the corn theme?

Mama Badger said...

Where's your glitter corn? After Jan mentioned it, I was sure I'd see some! Looks like they had a great time. And he is handy with those poms, isn't he?

Rachael said...

How fun!!!! You are a totally cool mom!!

Julianna said...


I counted...

I think that's like... 107 feet.

Who invited the pirate with the peg leg?

Andrea said...

Your cupcakes came out great! Such fun memories for all of you!

Danelle said...

I think the corncob cupcakes were the highlight of the entire week!