Sunday, September 25, 2011


Last night, I dragged myself to the annual Women's Broadcast.
I hated to stop what I was doing, get into a skirt and leave the comfort of home and family.
But of course, once I got there, I was richly rewarded.

Isn't life always that way?
You have to sacrifice something!

My favorite talk of the night was by President Dieter Uchtdorf, counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

President Uchtdorf gave us five things to "Forget not"

1) Forget not to be patient with yourself!
God is fully aware that we are not perfect.  He also fully aware that the people who we think are perfect, are not.
We compare our weaknesses to other people's strengths when we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to others at all.
Be thankful for the small successes.

2) Forget not the differerence between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.
Staying up into the wee hours comforting a small child who had a nightmare is a good sacrifice.
Staying up all night stitching hot pads for each sister in our Relief Society lesson is a foolish sacrifice.

I couldn't help myself -
I'm teaching Relief Society today, on an entirely different topic, but.......

3) Forget not to be happy now.  President Uchtdorf pointed out that like in the story of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factor", many people are looking for the Golden Ticket.  We are so intent on searching for the "one" thing that will supposedly make us happy that we forget the everyday joys.
"There is nothing wrong with righteous yearnings, but we cannot put our life on hold and miss the blessings we do have.  Don't close your eyes or hearts to the beauties of everyday life."

4) Forget not the "why" of the Gospel.
We sometimes see the Gospel as a long list of "To-do's"  We focus on the what the Lord wants us to do and how it needs to be done, but we for get the "why."
See out the joy of the why.

5) Forget not that the Lord loves you.

This talk was an excellent reminder of so many things!
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


Julianna said...

I called everyone today because I finally found a Gluten Free cheeze it recipe that ACTUALLY tasted like real cheeze its.

Life is in the simple joys my friend.

The big ones are good too, but it's teh simple ones that make it worth while. :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Danelle said...

I was photographing a wedding Saturday and sad I missed this. But I've already gone and listened to it online. Wonderful! And that potholder is hilarious!

Mama Badger said...

All good reminders. I like the one about sacrifices especially. Our "reminder" of the week was about time. We worry about how we spend our money, but we don't worry about how we spend our time. Spend $4 on a coffee and you feel guilty, but do you feel guilty if you spend 5 min on your laptop instead of with your kids.