Friday, September 30, 2011

Here's to the Weekend!

Let's kick off the weekend!
One of the best parts of the weekend is hangin' out with
Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissn' Time.
She lets us de-frag!
Go on over and say "hi" and link up!  Everybody's doing it!

* I didn't even get to blog yesterday.  I went to my husband's office and worked a FULL day!
I got paid the same amount as if I had stayed home.
I got paid the equivalent of what I contributed.

* I sure am bossy!

* Tuesday, Brian went by Panera and picked up some chicken noodle soup for a sick employee.  He brought home some sourdough bread for himself and then slid a cookie out of the bag that he bought for me.
and said.............."Let the hoarding begin."
What is he talking about?
It's Friday, and this is on the counter -
Yeah..........I'm hoarding it.
No.......I won't finish it.
No.........I won't share.
Yeah.......I will probably throw it out tomorrow,

* Brian is going to Utah today to spend the weekend with Trammell.  No fair!!!!
Oh look!  Here's a blurry picture of Trammell and his friend Jen watching the sunrise on Mt Timpanogos
pirated from Facebook.

* My new favorite cleaning tool -
I was so excited to try it out on some lime deposits, I cleaned six toilets.
That's a LOT excitement!
You can get them at Home Depot or WalMart.

* I've listened to Rihanna's song "Cheers (Drink to That)" five times in a row.
It's the line "Cheers to the freakin weekend" that I sing along with.
Since I don't drink whiskey, I changed "Let the Jameson sink in" to "Let the Limeade sink in"
Shirley Temple is too many syllables! ;)
 "Life's too short to be sitting round miserable.
People gonna talk whether you doing bad or good."
Thanks Rihanna!

* However, I DO NOT approve of Rihanna's recent escapades while filming her new music video.
She asked a farmer if she could film her video on his farm in Ireland.
But when things got a little wild and she took off her top and bra and romped through the fields topless, the farmer kicked her and her entire crew off the farm.
Right on!

* Trammell called for the Family Chex Mix recipe.
It was easier just to make it than to explain that I don't measure ANYTHING.
I told him I would make it and send it with Brian.
I hope Brian's suitcase doesn't smell like garlic and Worchestershire sauce!

Cheers!  Have a great weekend!


Unknown Mami said...

I'll call my mom for recipes and end up totally confused because she never measures anything.

Danelle said...

I heard about that farmer! Good for him. And I will now be in search of the Scouring Stick, although I don't think it will motivate me to clean 6 toilets. And I had to let you know we're thinking of copying yours/Parker's corn maze party and inviting all our friends. I'm sure it won't be as a-MAZE-ing as your party though! :)

Sally said...

Okay - three things. First, how did the toilet cleaning sticks work? Should I buy them? I don't have six toilets, but I do like mine clean! Second: Can't believe you and Molly and Emmy are still doing the Shirley Temples! Cracks me up!!! Third: My mother-in-law used to always make the Chex Mix. I'm sure she measured!!! :) Love you! Have a great weekend.

Kristin - The Goat said...

A cookie can barely make it into the house if I'm carrying it. There is no cookie hoarding for me, I eat them on sight LOL Good for you for making it last :)