Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chef Parker

Parker has always loved to cook, but lately he's been on a roll!
School started last week and he's ben BEYOND busy.

One night at about 10:30, he came in my room and asked, "Hey, can I use this?"
It was 10:30 pm!
What was he going to make?
We had grilled lemon, garlic chicken for dinner and there was a lot left over,
He chopped up a couple of pieces, added cream of something soup and some chopped up veggies and whipped up a quick chicken pot pie.

But there was still ONE pie crust left!
A few nights later, he threw the pie crust in the oven and while it was baking, he sauteed some sliced apples in a pan with butter.  He made a quick caramel sauce and mixed it with apples, dumped it in the browned pie crust and had a delicious dessert.
He probably topped it with ice cream.
I didn't ask.

One day he came home after seminary and decided to make pancakes.
Easy right?
A few minutes later he was going on and on about how delcious his pancakes were.
"Didn't you just use the pancake mix?" I asked.
"Yeah, but I added a few things."
"What did you add?"
"Nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, chopped pecans..."
"Didn't you just put the pecans on top?"
"No, no, I added them to the batter too."

I took a picture of his last creation..........because it was during daylight hours and because it looked straight from a malt shop.
But I accidently deleted it off the camera.  Oops!
He used vanilla ice cream, bananas and crushed Nilla Wafers.
He made a shake and topped it with whipped cream and a whole Nilla Wafer.
Yeah - he even garnishes his food!

He always offers to share.
Too bad I am never hungry when he gets crazy in the kitchen.
We need to coordinate our stomachs!


Andrea said...

Now I am hungry too! What fun for him to be creating!

Andrea said...

Please tell me this kid is going to go to culinary school. He needs to share his talents with the masses!

martyeaster said...

Tell Parker if he ever gets the urge to make/share something that my house is always open!

Don and Kelley said...

Yummy!!!! He can come to Vegas and cook for us anytime!

Rachael said...

Maybe he should quit HS and go to culinary school!!! Yum!!