Monday, September 26, 2011

How Old Are You When You Learn to Share?

I will let you be a fly on the wall.
A fly on the wall of our kitchen where TWO people had THIS conversation last night.
About THIS

Person A: What are you doing with MY ice cream?
Person B: I'm going to eat some.
Person A: You can't.  It's MINE!
Person B: Seriously?  It's been in here for two weeks and you haven't touched it.
Person A: Yes I did.  I had some. 
Person B: Yeah, two weeks ago.  You aren't going to eat the anymore so I'm going to have some.
Person A: No!  I'm going to eat it.
Person B: When?
Person A: Sometime.
Person B: Now?
Person A: No. Sometime.  Put it back.
Person B: This is ridiculous. You aren't going to eat it.  It's just going to sit in there.
Person A: So.  It's mine. Eat the other ice cream.  There are two other kinds in there.  Eat those.  That one is mine.
Person B: Wow!
Person A: PUT IT BACK!  You can't have it.

You will NEVER guess who is the parent and who is the child!


Mama Badger said...

Oh, I could completely tell from the start! Poor Parker, all he wanted was some ice cream...

Guymons said...

I didn't even know you liked ice cream.haha...this is the first time you mentioned it. i agree, parker should be allowed to eat it cuz we all know that if you really wanted would have been eaten the first morning after you bought it for breakfast

Andrea said...

I fully support you! Special treat items like that NEED to be at our disposal in case we NEED them...whenever that may be! Remember my posts about hiding candy!?

Julianna said...


But don't touch my dove bars.

And don't even look at my Dove Unconditional Chocolate ice cream.

Javan said...

The silliest thing about this whole conversation is: why would anyone think that you should share a pint of Haagen-Dazs? Hello? Those are single-serving size!