Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Non Labor Day, First Day of School and Skirtember Continues

What?  It's Tuesday?
Well, according to Stacy it is.
If you don't believe me, go on over and see for yourself!

Let's get RaNDoM

* So what if Trammell is a junior in college!
He had a "First Day of School" too.
And I made him take pictures and send them to me -
 Here's a pic of his new room.  He loves his new condo and roommates.
* Skirtember is going strong.
Sunday - okay so it's a dress.  Dresses count!

* Skirtember has been inspiring.
I've been inspired to shop.
I've looked at a million skirts online.

Some people have been inspired to make skirts.
I admit, I'm thinking about getting a sewing machine.

My friend Margaret – “I’m going to have to get sewing.”
Me: “Me too but you are going to have to do all of the work while I watch”

* We had a great Labor Day.
I love three day weekends!

Trammell hiked Mt. Timpanogos with a group of friends.
They left at 1 am and hiked in the dark so they could be at the summit and watch the sunrise.
They're young.
They can do stuff like that.
I would rather watch the sunSET OVER Mt. Timpanogos from the bottom of the mountain!
I know how to party!
I spent my Labor Day sleeping in, eating pancakes with buttermilk syrup, going to lunch and shopping.

* I am such a great mom!
After my strenuous Labor Day, I suggested we have Pecan Pie for dinner.

I even made a homemade one.
Parker scoffed at the idea and insisted on making ham and cheese omelettes with potato casserole and fruit.
What is wrong with him????
Normal kids would totally choose the pie!!!!

Well, go get RaNDoM!


Guymons said...

I love your skirts...you are so beautiful! I have 5 skirts, 3 that I wear, only one which is super comfortable. I would never make it in Skirtember. Now, capri-tember....I have about 7 pairs of capris (4 I wear, one which is super comfortable.) Or shorts...I have like 5 pair, 4 that I wear, 1 that is comfortable. Hey, I need to go shopping...or start sewing...although I bet skirt sewing would be easier than capri or short sewing!

I like Trammel's photos and really like his room, nice an neat and clean.

Mama Badger said...

When your kid chooses real food over pie, you know you have somehow failed him. However, this might be the only way, in Parker's case!

Anonymous said...

I would have chosen pie too. :)

Andrea said...

I love that he took the picture and sent it to you!!!!

OK, have to admit again that I'd have to have some omelette before the pie, as far as a meal goes....oh no! Maybe this has nothing to do with the psych major thing! OK, but since I have already had lunch....now I really want homemade pie!

Kristine said...

I would have chosen pie too but his idea was yummy sounding too...

Danelle said...

I would have to find a sewing friend too if I was participating in Skirtember. And what kind of person doesn't want pie for dinner? I know, one who can cook!

Stacy Uncorked said...

AHAHAHA! I love your random! And I think it's hysterical you had Trammell send you a 'first day of school' picture...I'm going to have Princess Nagger do that when she's at college some day. ;) Genius! :)

You totally rock the Skirtember - and that dress totally counts, since it looks like a skirt and blouse. :)

What have you done to that kid to make him choose to make something healthy-ish rather than eat pie for dinner? ;) I would have chosen pie... :)

Thanks so much for rockin' the random so regularly with me in spite of my sucky hostessing!! :)

Toddler Antics & Angst, R.I.P. Nigel 1.0 - Make Way for Nigel 2.0: RTT Rebel

Rachel M. said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable weekend. I love the photos!!! Thanks for sharing.