Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Would you still like me if..................?

It's STILL Skirtember
And I have to be honest, I'm getting SICK of it.  I wear a lot of skirts anyway....but not 30 days in a row.
So I am now only participating when I feel like it..........just like everything else in my life! ;)

* One thing I ALWAYS like to participate in is RaNDoM!  Who doesn't look forward to RaNDoM Thought Tuesday every week?
Thank heavens Stacy is still hostessing while Keely takes her eternal break!
Go on over and give Stacy some love.........after you give me some love, of course!

* If you think Skirtember is bad, Homecoming week is WORSE!
Every day is some kind of Spirit Day.  Everyone likes Pajama Day, Sports Day and Spirit Day.
But "Would you still be my friend if......."Day?  What the heck kind of day is that?

What a stupid day!  I know kids would be thinking, "Would you still like me if...... I was gay?" "if I crossdressed?"  And other completely inappropriate teenage things.

Parker went as.........."Would you still like me if...........I was a vampire!"

* My family LOVES banana bread.  I think it's okay.  I love it with a tablespoon of butter slathered across a slice. But you know what totally rocks?  Banana Cake!!!  it's lighter and fluffier and comes with cream cheese frosting!!!  Now THAT'S something awesome for breakfast!  Well, any cake is awesome for breakfast.

* You know what is even BETTER for breakfast? Blonde Brownies!  Don't wreck it for me and say THAT'S NOT BREAKFAST!  Fine.......add a side of bacon!!!!  It doesn't get better!

I'm off to get me some of that breakfast!
Have a good one!


Big Mama Cass said...

"Would you still be my friend if......."Day ??? Seriously!? What kind of message does that send to kids? Horrible!

And now I want brownies and bacon. In that order. LOL

Mama Badger said...

I will always want to be your friend.

Desperate for days, huh?

Danelle said...

You've inspired me to come up with a new recipe--Bacon Blonde Brownies. And speaking of recipes, is there a recipe for this banana cake you mention?

Anonymous said...

Now you see... I have been craving cake and now I think I MUST have some. Gee, thanks! ;)

Guymons said...

i like the smell of banana bread baking....

Kristine said...

I could eat cream cheese frosting all by itself. ROFL! I love it on pumpkin cake. OK now I'm hungry.....

Rachael said...

I like cream cheese on my banana bread! Although....anything with cream cheese is heavenly!!!
Stupid dress day at school!

Andrea said...

Even I could eat Blondies for breakfast!!!! Oh, and banana chocolate chip muffins are yummy too (but no frosting on those)...Your cake sounds yummy (with frosting even!)

Julianna said...

This weekend is going to be my creative cooking weekend.

On the menu is Gluten Free Pop Tarts.

If I can make it work, Youngest will love me forever. ;0)

Would you still like me if... I sat on the couch with Youngest and ate all said Pop tarts and didn't even share with Oldest and Tony?

It's only fair really, since they can eat the real kind.

Rachel M. said...

Good post! Giggled over the high school bits, glad that's in my past until the little ones get bigger!

Love the idea of banana bread with cream cheese icing. Sounds awesome!!

I grew up in a church where women only work skirts/dresses. It is tiring. I will never go back!

Donna said...

Your skirts are cute! I like skirts a lot too and I have many of them but decided I'm not disciplined enough to do Skirtember! I seriously considered doing it though. I'm glad I didn't because this morning it was 39 degrees outside!!