Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dazed and Confused!

Seriously! What time is it???

I almost missed the whole RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY because I was working for free.
But it's never really too late to hook up with Stacy

And jump on the RaNDoM train!
* Yeah, I went into Brian's office today to "help" with a file.
Can't go into a ton of detail because of HIPAA regulations.
But it was the big 1,200 page+ file.
Each document has to be sorted in to specific categories and then re-sorted in to subcategories and copied.
Easy! Right?
It would be except that it is the first file *I* have ever been asked to deal with since I was trained on how to do it in JUNE!

For some reason, my super large brain doesn't remember jack from June.

And seriously, why couldn't they have given me a 50 page file for my first file?
* Parker has been begging for "comfort food."
I love comfort food except that it's been 85 degrees everyday for the last week.
The only thing that would bring me comfort is a popsicle!
Anyway, being the super nice mom that I am,
last night, I made this -
                                                                Yummy Stovetop Chili Mac

We followed Martha's recipe except we added a can of kidney beans (for EXTRA protein) and we added our family's secret ingredient - Lowrey's Season Salt. It goes on EVERYTHING except for maybe ice cream or cupcakes.

* I'm sick of the news!
I used to be in the news business.
We were told to just report the facts.
Now, the newscasters go ahead and speculate and give us their opinion.
I don't want their opinion.
I just want the facts.
And even when they are dealing with facts.........they just give you the ones that will skew your thoughts toward THEIR opionion.
Just the facts!
* All week, I have been confused about what the date is.
All day yesterday, I thought today would be the 30th.
But then, I was pretty sure that October 1st was sometime this weekend.
I just couldn't work it out in my mind.
Yeah, I could have looked at a calendar, or the bottom of my computer screen.
What IS the date?
* Congratulations to Parker for getting his third academic letter for his performance in school last year!
Woo hoo!
Well, that's it.
Someone is at the door!
Have a great what's left of Tuesday!
It's Tuesday right?


Andrea said...

The only reason I knew it was Tuesday is that I blamed all of yesterday's ills on the fact that it was Monday! I am so glad the regular news isn't just getting me down. Bleah! I really only watch the Daily Show so that there is a little built in levity to the info I am getting and I can laugh first!

Kristine said...

It's Sept 27th. I am looking forward to Oct 1 only because I start a new product in the donut shop that day. LOL

Julianna said...

I think it's my day off. 'Course that changes every week, so it's a crap shoot really.

As always... I'm clearly no help.

dddiva said...

Ugh Ken has been listening to that drivel they call news- now I know why I gave it up years ago.

Lately it seems I have no clue on the date- I just say where do I have to be and when and hope for the best.

Andrea said...

I frequently forget what day it is and often what time.

I could go for comfort food. It's been in the 50-60's here (you'd think it'd be hot here in the south and cold for you in the mountains area, but no).

valerie said...

Love comfort food! It's been rainy and in the 60's here.

Donna said...

I have random weeks like that where I can't keep the date straight either. And oddly enough, this has been one of those weeks! Maybe it happens more when a new month is about to begin. It's weird!

Sally said...

I cracked up when I read about how EVERYTHING has Lawry's Seasoned Salt added to it! That's a Frost Family tradition that ALL of the family seems to follow! It goes into everything I cook, as well - except for ice cream! And I can relate to the possessiveness on the ice cream. This is the only time of year that Dreyers releases their Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. It's mine alone! Fortunately Don doesn't like it!