Friday, September 2, 2011

Skirtember, School, Surgery and Solitaire

* Thank heavens it's the weekend and thank heavens it's a LONG weekend.
Not that I have any exciting plans.
I like NOT having plans!

I also like being able to take all the fragments of the week and dump!
Thank you Mrs. 4444 for making it all possible!  Go pay her a visit!

* Did you know that it's SKIRTember.... alot like September but you wear a skirt everyday.
Here's Day 1

 and Day 2
It's not too late to join in the fun.
And you don't have to wear a different skirt every day....just A skirt.
Oh, you can wear dresses too.

* I went to my LAST Back to School Night EVER last night!
I was not even kinda sad.

* The first week of school did not exactly excite Parker.
So he spent the second week considering early graduation.
"I'm 16!  The world is passing me by!  I have things to do."

* I told Trammell that Parker was considering graduating early.
"Well you can't go to college unless you have underarm hair."
Me: "Ohhhhhh..........he does have hair.....he has like 13 strands."
"You can't combine both armpits!"

* After weighing the pros and cons and thinking about it and praying about it, Parker decided to stay his entire senior year and graduate in May like a normal person.  Oh goodie!  He will still be around to cuddle with me. I probably shouldn't point that out or he may change his mind.

* Brian is recovering well from his gall bladder extraction.
He's hanging out sleeping and watching TV and doing a little work from bed.
What's cool, is I am recovering with him and supporting him by hanging out on the bed and watching TV with him and playing solitaire.  I know!  I'm totally sacrificing but that's what love is all about!
It's the least I can do!

Have a great weekend!


Mama Badger said...

I had no idea it was Skirtember! Nobody told me. Hmmm, I wore a skirt yesterday, but not today. I'll make up for it, though. I think I can pull this off...

lisleman said...

the world passing you by at 16 - oh the folly of youth of something like that. Getting in the fast lane is alright for a short while but you don't want to stay there. Can't smell the roses speeding along. I should stop now. Oh if I wore skirts - one I would need to steal them - two people would start to talk. Maybe if I moved to Scotland.

Andrea said...

ARGH!!!! I forgot about skirtember....or maybe just forgot it was September!!!!

traci's mixed bag said...

I love the idea of Skirtember but unfortunately I have to wear pants or shorts to work :-( I have tons of dresses and skirts and try to wear them as often as possible. You look absolutely lovely in your skirts btw.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I love the idea of Skirtember! I'm going to shoot for four days a week though, not enough skirts and dresses for more than that. But it will get me to wear things one more time before it gets cold.

Skirtember, yay!

Mrs4444 said...

Glad the recovery is going well--With you beside him, how could it go any differently?

Love the skirts. I only have one (and that's plenty! :)

My last Back to School Night will be my last as a teacher, so I'll probably be just a little sad. Good for you, though!

Thanks for linking up!