Friday, September 23, 2011

Excuses, Glitter and Candy!

Thank heavens it's Friday!
Thanks heavens for Mrs. 4444!
She reallly is the BEST hostess!  Get on over and visit her!

It's been a fragmented week!

* We FINALLY got around to getting Parker's senior pictures.

With the first one, we took advantage of early bird specials and had the pictures taken in early June.

With the second one, he was one of the photographer's "models" and had preliminary pics taken in February to convince his classmates to go to that photographer.

With the third and final one........we forgot to care.
Hey........the DEADLINE to turn them in isn't until NEXT Friday!

* Parker needed to take a note to school explaining why he, as one of the student body officers didn't attend the Homecoming Dance -

What I wrote:
"Parker did not attend the Homecoming Dance because it is not a wholesome activity."

What I should have written:
"Parker did not attend the Homecoming Dance because in his words, "If you aren't going to 'grind,' why go?"
Why would he choose to go somewhere with trashy music, half dressed girls and teens simulating sex on the dance floor?"

*Getting ready for Halloween.
 EVERYTHING is better with glitter!
I'm finishing up this little glitterizing bones project today.

* The back seat of Parker's car -
Yes, that's 12 pounds of candy back there.

 * Because we don't have enough candy IN our house?
The CORNacopia of candy from last weekend's aMAIZEing CORN party.
And the year round CANDY cupboard.

Don't judge!  You all know YOU have a candy cupboard....okay, maybe a candy drawer.
Anybody want some candy?
Have a great weekend.


Unknown Mami said...

I'm not judging. I wish I had a candy cupboard.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! I cannot wait to show my friend your candy cupboard as she thinks we are crazy! I love the note too!

Mama Badger said...

Nice note. Those bones are beautiful, I mean scary, I mean festive?

And all that candy? Ipe, it makes my teeth hurt just to look. Since we can't do food dye, we're at a chocolate bar for me in the fridge and a jar of naturally died gum drops for the boys. Sad, sad.

Andrea said...

I'll take some red vines. Man, licorice sounds so good...

I actually read your first couple lines and went, eh? Is it Friday?

Yes, I am brilliant today...

Happy weekend!

Don and Kelley said...

That is so funny. Austin has homecoming this weekend and he is not going to the dance for the same reasons. Instead,they are doing some other fun activities.

Danelle said...

I don't have a candy cupboard, but I WANT one! Oh, and I saw a new glitter project for you on pinterest. Old Christmas lights, the big ones, dipped in glue then covered in glitter. Then you put them in a glass bowl--well, that's what I would do with them. Here's a link.

Sally said...

Gina - did you come to my pantry to get that photo??? Looks just like my house, which was why all the kids in our old neighborhood called me "the candy lady!" :)

Rachael said...

I tried to Glitter those fake pumpkins at was a mess! The glue was dripping down and taking the glitter with it. It wasn't pretty! I vowed to never make a glitter item again! I wonder if a spray adhesive would have worked better!

Julianna said...

We have a candy cookie jar for Youngest, a hand made by him in his pottery class, cooie candy jar for Oldest, and an emergency chocolate stash for me...

...but I'll never say where.