Sunday, January 4, 2009

Art Appreciation with the Bonehead Brothers

Lest you think that Christmas break was just idle time full of sleeping in, video games and playing, Garrett and Tyler, affectionately referred to as the Bonehead Brothers by Brian, received a lesson in art/life.
Garrett asked if anybody was using the truck on Saturday. "No. Why?" His reply, "Oh, Tyler and I are going to go buy some art."

"What do you mean you're going to buy some art?"

Hours later they returned: disappointed, slightly angry, feeling a little taken advantage of, but wiser to the ways of the world.

An advertisement on TV had piqued their interest: Art Liquidators at XYZ Hotel this Saturday!

What struck them was "Sofa Sized Paintings for $20."

They waited until Garrett got off work, got their $20 together, and set off in the truck determined to come home with a sofa sized painting.

Garrett: "So we walked in and looked around. We started looking at the larger paintings and cheapest one was like $60."

Tyler: "Yeah, so we asked the guy. So where are the $20 paintings? And he showed us these 5 X 7's"?"

Me: "feet or inches?"

Garrett and Tyler: "Inches!"

Tyler: "And we're like, 'Where are the $20 sofa sized paintings?'"
Garrett: "And the guy's like, 'Oh these are all we have.' "

Tyler: "It was a total rip off! They weren't even pillow size!"

Garrett: "We were so disappointed!"

Me: "Wait! What kind of painting were you looking for?"

Garrett and Tyler: "Anything! We didn't care! We just wanted a sofa sized painting."

Me: "Where in the world did you think you would put a sofa size painting?"
Garrett: "The wall."
Me: "What wall?"
Tyler: "We don't know. We would have figured that out later."
I don't know why this ad struck their fancy. And I can't tell you how sorry I am that they didn't get their $20 sofa sized painting.


Blogging Mama said...

Sofa sized painting. I'm sure you were really sorry to miss that in the house! LOL

Melissa said...

Yeah, I am wary of those "starving artist" sales, too. You know only the crappy paintings are that cheap. But I think it's hilarious that your boys wanted to buy one.

debilyn said...

oh my gosh..that's too funny!
seriously...can you just imagine what they might have come home with if they HAD found one for $20??? I'm thinking you're sooooo lucky!

sorry I had to leave out all the juicy details of my sibling's hopeless wasn't pretty (let's just say that the illegal immigrant is her boyfriend that she left her husband for...and there's a warrant out for his arrest now...)

gotta love family!

Rachael said...

HAA! That is so funny!

Kim said...

i see garrett more as a horizonal full length self portait kind of guy anyway.