Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oil Spill Wreaks Havoc on Pantry

Yesterday was going pretty smoothly, well smoothly as in only most of the rooms had shoes, clothes, and Christmas decorations strewn all over. But my seminary lesson was prepared. I did my visiting teaching and I knew what I was going to make for dinner. (That is huge!)

So, I decided to get a little snack out of the pantry. I grabbed something and as I stepped away from the food, my foot slid across the floor like it was an ice rink. Weird! I looked at the bottom of my slipper and it was wet. Hmmmm.... Odd....Where did that water come from?
Wait.........that's not water!

I open the pantry and there on the floor is a puddle:

What is that? Before I can really SEE what it is, I hear the slow drip, drip and look at the shelves.
It's coming from the "Snack Shelf." And there behind the potato chips, the tortilla chips, the cookies, and the cashews is a bottle of OIL.........on it's side. Do I ask, "Why is the bottle on it's side?" Do I ask, "Why did the person who used it last not put the lid on tight?" NO! These are stupid time wasting questions. I ask, "Why is the oil on the snack shelf?"
I would be grossly exaggerating if I said the entire bottle had leaked out all over the pantry. Only 90 of 96 Tablespoon sized servings had leaked out and dripped, dripped, dripped down through the snacks, the boxed foods, the staples and onto the ward party sized bottle of chocolate syrup.
Someone would have to pay for the damage and like Exxon, I decided it would be the environment. I used an entire roll of paper towels before bringing out the hot soapy water.
All is well, the oil did seep into a box of Parker's Rice-A-Roni, (he and I are the only ones who love that processed, chemical laden crap) so I made it for breakfast.
I mentioned the environmental accident to the family, but I never did ask the burning question: "Seriously, who put the oil on the snack shelf?"


debilyn said...

isn't it totally obvious?

it was done by your phantom child..."wasn't me"! =)

Kim said...

glad to see that u are a Cheezzziiit family.. not a Nips

missty said...

Oh no! yuck!

Kim, your so funny! LOL I had to go back and take another pantry look!

Melissa said...

That is hilarious. I must say, though, that slipping in oil beats slipping in vomit any day.