Monday, January 19, 2009

Man Up!

We arrived at church yesterday at our usual time: 8:30, one full half hour before church starts. Since we are on the "early" schedule, we are the first ones in the chapel.

We selected our pew and Parker went off to prepare the sacrament. Garrett went off to set up chairs in the overflow. About ten minutes later, the lady with the programs arrived and Tyler brought one up to me. He opened it and pointed, "Is Garrett ready for this?"

Huh? Oh Gee! There was Garrett's name emblazoned on the program as the second youth speaker.

I snatched the program from Tyler and took it to the back and showed Garrett. He asked in a panic, "What do I do?"

Me: "You have no choice. Grab your scriptures and go to your car and start preparing something."

We didn't waste time discussing it because what was the point now, but we both vaguely remember a member of the bishopric calling during Sunday dinner two weeks ago. Oops!

So Garrett's topic was something about the power of faith. He came in a few minutes before church started and sat on the stand.

He did a good job. He spoke about faith. He had a few scripture references. He then talked about Job and the faith that Job showed in the face of adversity. He even threw in a little humor. He ended by bearing his testimony of his own experiences of relying on faith. For a 17 year old speaking extemporaneously, he did really well. Several people came up to me and said they thought he did well. When I told them that it was impromtu, they upgraded their reviews to "amazing."

Garrett was embarrassed that he forgot. He didn't even hint at it in his talk. But as a result, he wouldn't accept any compliments as legit. He didn't want to talk about it.

But yea for Garrett! That's what we do! It was great preparation for being a missionary. They don't get tons of prep time. So it was a good exercise. I'm proud of him for getting in his car and coming up with a talk......instead of getting in his car and driving away!


Stephdeezy said...

Props to him for pulling it together; I would have never guessed and if it wasn't for my stalking of your blog I wouldn't have been the wiser. But either way as he gave His talk I felt he'd be a great missionary and that what his parents and advisors are teaching him aren't going to waste. It must take faith on your end to not want to wring him around the neck most days. ;) what with his crazy antics and all.

smarkuci said...

First off, how funny that you started your entry off with the fact that you arrived 30 minutes early. Justin gave a talk yesterday in church, too, and he mentioned that was norm when he was growing up. How funny. Secondly, I'm really proud of G. for not saying he forgot to prepare. That's always so lame and who cares when you prepared, anyway!? Nice job.

valerie said...

That is sooo awesome! Do you know that I have never given a talk in Sacrament? It's been hard being the YW's president cause I do NOT do talking in crowds.

Peter, Jen and Dakota said...

WOW. I would have never guessed that he wasn't prepared. I really enjoyed his talk. He did an awesome job! I agree with the post above, what you are teaching him and what the leaders in our ward are teaching him, is doing great things. Thanks for raising such amazing kids!

Melissa said...

I agree. I had no clue that had been prepared so hastily. It's really a gift to be a good public speaker, especially with so little time to prepare.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

That's awesome. I would have definitely panicked.