Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why I can't have another baby:

It took 7 of us 6 hours to set up the stinkin' Pack n' Play or Play n' Pack or whatever it is now called.

Back in the day, way back in the 90's, we used the original Graco portable crib. It was revolutionary. It was relatively lightweight, it could travel in a car or on a plane and most importantly, no one was killed in setting it up! It took about 12 seconds to assemble. It was so easy that upon arrival at a hotel or at Grandma's house, you could set it up in the dark and not even awaken the baby from a Bendryl induced coma. It was small enough to fit into bathrooms at the Motel 6 (or at least in the space between the closet and the sink) so it was LIKE having TWO rooms. Kinda.
And it was a marked improvement over the wooden guillotine of my younger brothers' youth. One false move, and the whole thing folded up on itself with a slam, sending body parts all over the room. that will mess up a vacation!

Anyway, IF I was having a baby, I would probably want one of these new, super duper Pack n Plays. You do have to plan your trips so that you arrive at your destination by noon.........so you have enough time to get it all set up by midnight. But once you follow the 23 (I'm NOT exaggerating) easy.......well easy if you have a master's degree in diagram interpretation.....steps, this thing rocks! Literally.

It comes with this: The boys thought it was a space age "cup" and took turns holding it up to themselves. They were close!!!! It's a vibrator! Well it plays music too. It has 8 or 16 songs and white noise and a night light and it vibrates the bed.........without putting quarters in it! Oh AND it comes with a remote control. Crazy!
Lest you think it is just for sleeping, it has a bassinet for babies under 20 pounds, a changing table and a mobile for entertainment. All for the low, low price of a down payment on a car!
Although this Play n Pack is tempting, I'm not going to have any more kids until they come out with the newer version which also feeds te baby, raises it and pays college tuition.


Mrs. Pickledpigsfeet said...

You could always just get one of the super duper pack n plays when you have Grandchildren in 10 years or so. Not long after we found out I was pregnant we were at a friend's house, they had a newborn and were showing us their pack n play. I told Michael I thought it looked like a pack n play on steroids. If I can find an old school one like I had with Lane I'll get one, if not then no pack n play for us.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Haha. Good luck. Baby stuff these days is not only ten times more complicated it's also a million times more expensive. I swear attach any of these words to an item and instantly it's ten times more expensive:

bridal, wedding, baby

Instantly they can charge more! Stick the kid in a dresser drawer on the floor lined with towels, they'll be fine right? ;)