Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom from Tiny Baby

I went downstairs to witness the carnage from last night's SNL viewing.

There were wrappers, hot sauce packets and half eaten burritos covering the coffee table.

NOTE: I didn't say I went downstairs to CLEAN up the carnage. I was merely on an information gathering mission so that I would know what tone of voice to use when I spoke with Garrett. "YOU have to clean up all the stuff on the coffee table." or "You HAVE to clean up all the stuff on the coffee table."

Me: "Wow! Look at all these wrappers!"

Parker: "I know! They bought like $15 worth of food."

Me: "Ewww.........they didn't even eat it all. Did you have any?"

Parker: "No, I'm never eating food from there again."

Me: Ignoring his last statement. "You didn't have any? Why didn't you eat any?"
Parker: "Ever since I found out they use Grade D beef, I am never eating food from there again."

Me: Authoriatively, "Nah uh!"

Parker: "Yeah, they use Grade D beef. I looked it up! Grade D beef is used in dog food. I'll never eat food from there again."

Hmmmmmm........interesting! And gross! I'll probably eat there again though....just like I ate at the restaurant that had been condemned. But thanks for the info Parker!
Dear Parker,
Not that I don't believe you but I checked, Wikipedia and about 4 other sites and............
1) Grade D Beef doesn't exist. Beef isn't graded like English reports.
2) Restaurants and school cafeterias are prohibited from using ANY beef that isn't USDA approved.
Long Live Taco Bell!


Melissa said...

I just saw a Taco Bell commercial yesterday where they were stirring their beef, and I thought to myself, "That is not real beef." I'm with your son on this one.

siobhan said...

my first thought was that the taco bell received a big, fat D from the inspectors...

Shirley said...

Carcasses are ranked by the estimated age of the live animal.
A = 9 - 30 months
B = 30 - 42 months
C = 42 - 72 months
D = 72 - 96 months
E = over 96 months

Maybe that's what the report meant. They might use beef from older cattle.

Tricia said...

they use textured vegetable protein or TVP. not beef at all. and I haven't eaten there in nine years.