Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finals Week! Eek!

Aren't you so glad you aren't in school anymore? When you are in school, the only thing more stressful than Sunday nights is FiNaLS WeeK! Just like a long weekend, you have plenty of time, you know you should study, you play and play and play, and then reality hits you in the 11th hour.

Today was the first day of finals. Pretty much everyone was freaking out in seminary with reminders to whomever was saying the prayer to pray for miracles.

But who cares? I'm not in high school. So what if it's finals week? I don't have any tests!!!! Na na na na na!

Oh wait! It's 5:59 and who should walk through the door? That's right! It's my CES supervisor! Oh crap - wait - oh my heavens (it's seminary)! Can I real quick group text the entire class and tell them to please, please, please not chat and please, please, please don't just sit there when I ask questions? I am mental telepathying them to MAKE ME LOOK GOOD!

Should I scrap my whole "boring" lesson and suddenly announce that I have a field trip planned? A treasure hunt? A 3 act play? Why couldn't this guy show up when we made our oil lamps or the time we acted out the beheading of John the Baptist. Why did he have to show up on the THIRD day of Crucifixion lessons?

Too late. It is what it is. And besides, what's the worst that can happen? They fire me? Who else is going to be foolish enough to sign a contract they WILL wear hose every day and WON'T grow facial hair? Who else is going to get up at 4:15 and come and spend an hour with 30 crazy teenagers? Who else is going to do it day after day after day for 160 class periods? (Not that I'm counting but it was day 81 today!)

We do our thing. We do what we always do. We sing. We pray. We plead for Heavenly Father to suddenly give us all the knowledge that we should have been striving for the last 18 weeks so we will pass the finals and my "amen" is loudest. We do scripture mastery. We are silly. We laugh. The girl who has forgotten her devotional for the last 9 days actually gets up and does a great one. We have our lesson.

I use tiny head nods, a raised eye brow and eye contact to communicate to the Bonehead brothers and my chatty nieces: "If you chat, I will KILL you." Somehow everyone interprets these gestures correctly.

We study. We share. We look for answers. We testify. They look GREAT! They look awake and sound INTELLIGENT! They even manage to make me look good. My testimony that God performs miracles is expanding. The Spirit is there. We're all learning and having a great time. Maybe I'll invite this guy back! But then I realize: it is what it is. This is how this class is EVERYDAY!
He hands me my evaluation and as I pull out of the church parking lot, I can't help but think: I LOVE these guys! I LOVE this calling! I LOVE the scriptures! We're having a party tomorrow. Well, actually, we can't. We have too much to do! We're talking about the Resurrection. What can get better than that?


debilyn said...

THAT was an awesome post!
Loving your enthusiasm =)

{Amy} said...

I wish you were my son's seminary teacher!!!!!!!!!!

Patty Edwards said...

Gina, it takes a REALLY special person to be able relate to kids. You rock!

And it takes someone not only special, but amazing beyond my level of comprehension to deal with them all day, as a volunteer, AND promise to wear hose. Oh please! I haven't worn a dress more than once a year in at least 8 years.

Opps. Pardon me, my heathenism is showing.

Melissa said...

Yeah, that was a really great post. I can't tell you what a HUGE influence my seminary teacher had on me. He was a father figure and his family became my family when my "real" family was falling apart. We are still great friends to this day. You are having that kind of influence on these kids, and you are AWESOME for it!

Blogging Mama said...

I already knew you R O C K E D and now there's proof :)