Monday, August 3, 2009

TWENTY FIVE things I like about you –
25. We met when we were 14, started dating when we were 16, I sent you on your mission, we broke up, we got back together, we married when you got home. We grew up together. It’s been fun learning, discovering and growing together!

24. You are good at everything you do! You are smart, sensitive and knowledgeable ….except you still don’t know which group sings which 80’s songs.

23. You’re a hard worker! Whether it was for Proctor & Gamble, Black & Decker, Laundry Land or now at Cobecon International, you get up everyday and go out and “slay the dragon” for our family!

22. You’re a hard worker! Even after a long day at work, you come home and mow the lawn, clean the garage, help with dinner and then take me out to do something fun!

21. You’re a hard worker! Even after a long day of work and serving your family, you find the time to serve others whether it’s counseling young adults, running a meeting, or going to a scout activity.

20. You can fix anything – from string trimmers and vacuums to untangling necklaces and relationships. You can do it!

19. You are the master packer. No one can pack a suitcase, a car, or boxes on the basement shelves quite like you!

18. You’re organized. If someone needs a phone number for a plumber, a specialty battery, or a drill bit, not only do you have it, you know where to find it.

17. You are generous. When someone needs your time, advice, the number for a plumber, a specialty battery or a drill bit, you are always willing to give it to them….even though you may not ever see your tools again.

16. You are generous. You always look for the good in people and you see them not for what they are but what they can be. You build people up and help them reach their potential

15. You have the patience of Job!!!! You don’t freak out over little things or even big things (except when the boys complain about cleaning the garage but then, it wouldn’t be the same if they bounded out of bed all eager and happy to work and then what would you do with that lecture?) When there is a crisis, you just dive in and get to work.

14. You don’t just identify the problem, you come up with solutions. You are slow to find fault, quick to praise and you are a life line to many!

13. People are more important to you than things. You always take care of your possessions but you are even more passionate about family and friends. Everywhere you go, you know people. You always do a good job of maintaining relationships and showing that you care. 12. You always do the right thing. It might be hard. It might be painful. It might be a sacrifice. But you always take the high road and try to do what the Lord would do.

11. Family comes first. Even though there are a lot of balls to juggle, you always make US a priority. You always find time to reconnect and spend time with the ones you love.

10. You are thoughtful. Everyday is “Be nice to Lee day.” You truly look for ways to make my life easier every single day. And you encourage the boys to treat me lovingly and with respect.

9. You are thoughtful. You can tell when I need a little pick me up.

8. Our relationship comes first! I love when everyone is asleep and we sneak out for early morning runs for donuts, bagels, or breakfast. I love it when we leave the kids home to do the dishes and we “run and errand” that includes a stop at Dairy Queen or Sonic. We don’t have a date NIGHT. We have nightS and entire date weeks!

7. I love road trips, airplane trips, long weekends, and vacations with you that are just the two of us. I love the uninterrupted hours we get to spend together to laugh, cry, talk, reminisce.

6. You are patient. You listen to me when I get on a rant without pointing out that while I have a valid point, it could probably be expressed without 25 expletives. You don’t judge. You try to help.

5. You make me a better person. You never come right out and say, “You should change.” Or “You would be more loveable if……” You model Christlike behavior and set a righteous example. Maybe, in another 25 years, it will rub off on me.

4. We are united. We are passionate about the same things: God, each other, family. You know what I will say or what I think about something and vice versa.

3. We’re a team – whether we’re making the bed, doing dishes, making a career decision or solving the problems of the world. We’re in it together!

2. I come first with you. You are my protector and defender and are completely loyal.




valerie said...

Aww that was so sweet! Happy Anniversary you guys!

Rachael said...

You guys are adorable! Happy Anniversary!

Tricia said...

excellent post!!! congratulations, and Happy Anniversary!

Margaret said...

Congratulations on 25 years together!!!!!!!! May I use this idea next week for my 28th?

siobhan said...

super cute! i was afraid that the first picture was your engagement picture (it might still be!) and the second was your wedding picture. EEK!

berek and i met when i was 12 and he was 14. we started dating two years later. it's wonderfully romantic to have known someone that long and to have the good fortune to be married to them.

happy anniversary!

Don and Kelley said...

That was awesome! I love the pictures.

Missty said...

I LOVE IT!! Happy Anniversary! Great 25 things! Enjoy!!

Shirley said...

Happy Anniversary! May the next 25 years be even better!

JJ said...

I did not know you were capable of this kind of love. Who am I referring to; Brian or Gina....????

Javan said...

Congratulations! I hope you had a very happy anniversary.

Gina, it freaks me out a little every time you use the first picture on this post. I always thought that Trammel was the one who looks like Brian, but the first time I saw this picture, I thought, "Garrett! With dark hair!" Wow!