Friday, August 14, 2009


Everything was going great.
Our time with Simon (the foreign exchange student) was awesome.
Remember, Simon was here for three weeks.

Everyone got along.
There was no fighting or bickering.

Garrett and Parker were perfect gentlemen.
Everyone was polite and well mannered.
I know! It was almost boring.

AND THEN – Tyler came home.
He has been home for 24 hours and 20 of them have been here.

Parker and Simon and I were playing Farkle.
It was a perfectly cultured game.

Until the BONEHEAD BROTHERS came in.

They have never played Farkle and somehow, they thought the just repeating the word over and over was hilarious.

Garrett: “Did you just Farkle?”
Tyler: “No I just Shiatsued.”
Aren’t they soooo clever?

So of course, Simon is not getting any of this “intelligent” dialogue.
Isn’t that a shame!

But Tyler doesn’t want to leave Simon out of the hilarity.
Tyler: “Simon, how do you say ‘Fart’ in French?”
Simon: “Fart? I don’t know that word.”
Tyler, ever helpful, does what every boy in every country mastered when they were two.
He makes a loud and realistic farting noise.

Ahhh………the fart noise………another international bond.
All the boys think it’s beyond hilarious and are out of control laughing and pounding the kitchen table like they are back in pre school.

I can see the handwriting on the wall.
I leave.
So much for our game.
So much for class and culture.
Americans are pigs!The Bonehead Brothers are pigs!


Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

I read this to Richard. His comment, while laughing hysterically: "Ok...the testosterone level has just reached critial mass." Gotta love the world of boys--no matter their ages. (Oh...and I deleted the previous comment because I left out a word.)