Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm giving it away!
Watch for it:

(This is a text conversation between the two boys)

T: Dude, Reginald (name changed to protect the only innocent person involved) is here on campus. We're going to lunch.

G: That's legit

T: Yeah he doesn't even know where the Cougareat is. He's screwed.

G: Yeah, he's pretty uptight about college. But that's cool you guys are going to lunch.

T: Yeah, all I need is 10 minutes with him and I can get like the cure for cancer out of his mouth. And since I am capable of communicating, we'll be rich.

G: That's it man. We don't have to be geniuses. We just have to be smart enough to outhustle the smart people.

Wow! That is exactly what they can't teach you at Harvard Business School!

These guys could write a book!


Margaret said...

I love those boys.

Check out these backgrounds

H.K. said...

The Bonehead brothers are waaay cool! They should write a book!